Made You Look

Made You Look

Downtown Manhattan is awash in the aforementioned snipes it’s a relatively cheap medium that lasts a long time (Have you ever tried to remove something that’s been wheatpasted on to something else? It’s not pretty.) The decay can be, as pictured in the poster collage by swoon shown here, can be beautiful in its own right.


There have always been plenty of posters around town that didn’t fall into the category of street art – concert announcements, album promotions, books, etc. Over the years though, as marketing AND consumers have become increasingly slick and sophisticated, snipes have become a legitimate vehicle for big name and big money campaigns.

The very, um, assertive black and orange 2 Headed Dog is currently everywhere here (and apparently in London too), so prominent that it’s hard to ignore. In the name of reportage, I took photos of the campaign when I was out on a post-blizzard walk on Sunday, and then dutiful did as the nice signs told me to and went to visit their web site.

2headed.jpgSuch intrigue! Such an air of cool insidery-ness. I am simply dying to know what exciting cultural development is being heralded by these ubiquitous posters. (To be continued after I have a bit of coffee.)