Maddox Presents All Of The Reasons Buzzfeed Sucks

One of the Web's most successful and prolific content creators, Maddox, talks about Buzzfeed's rampant content theft.

Maddox’s The Best Page In The Universe has been around forever. Longer than I have been writing humor articles on the Web, and that started in 2002. Unlike me though, Maddox managed to turn his website into a wonderful machine that’s free of advertising and features a reach wide enough to turn his books into New York Times Best Sellers almost without any effort.

If you’re looking to model yourself after someone as a content creator, look no further than Maddox.

That being said, when one of the most successful content creators around calls out Buzzfeed for being terrible in terms of abusing the copyright of content creators, it’s worth a moment of your time to tune in and listen to what he has to say. In the video above, Maddox lays out what many content creators have been saying about Buzzfeed for nearly two years now, and it’s just as funny and informative as you imagine.

It’s also a good word of caution for those of you thinking the Buzzfeed model is worth replicating for your own website or business. In fact, in addition to some strong, hilarious, language in the video above, Maddox points out why that’s also a terrible idea.

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