Madden Leads This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Madden NFL Superstars has finally hit the top of one of our weekly AppData lists. The Electronic Arts spinoff of its Madden franchise has been picking up steam as it goes, an added over half a million players during the past week. Of course, EA has also promoted the game heavily, so it can’t yet be considered successful.

Here’s our emerging games list, which counts fast-growing titles still under a million monthly active users:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1.App_2_138575656172984_7917 Madden NFL Superstars946,835+541,879+134%
2.App_2_144320435592910_7250 Critter Island976,255+324,537+50%
3.Original Ranch Town798,462+274,016+52%
4.App_2_117771671605440_4 La Tomatina362,796+227,923+169%
5.App_2_142877915739601_1727 Green Farm219,596+195,078+796%
6.Original i Like Slots511,004+190,368+59%
7.App_2_149314558413832_1420 小小戰爭550,530+181,595+49%
8.App_2_150787614949180_7705 Candy Shop376,427+169,956+82%
9.App_2_36706751821_9203 FantaBook593,890+161,967+37%
10.App_2_44856213161_1533 Cupcake Corner366,505+155,329+74%
11.App_2_112594238780474_8273 Robot Unicorn Attack336,398+149,092+80%
12.Original Warstorm413,619+148,826+56%
13.App_2_144448922260339_1126 Chucke la taupe371,303+143,018+63%
14.Original Bubble Town: Party Planet869,627+142,249+20%
15.App_2_113292932033723_3688 Gone Amazon125,764+124,252+8,218%
16.App_2_116880515011249_1321 My Sweet Shop310,562+120,622+64%
17.App_2_138368046186693_7846 Franchise Football553,260+119,670+28%
18.App_2_108589655859196_4155 Mahjong Trails485,047+117,129+32%
19.App_2_123870190982202_9543 Ultimate Fan223,960+111,200+99%
20.Original Univers des Trois Royaumes288,754+107,337+59%

Critter Island, by LOLapps, isn’t growing quite as fast as the EA title, and the game appears to be having trouble with its retention as well, drawing only nine percent of its MAUs back as daily active users. But like EA the game is crossing the important million MAU mark, and it’s possible the DAU picture could improve with time.

Ranch Town is a much older title farming title. We recently talked to the CEO of its maker, Meteor Games, and heard that the company is focusing in on more in-depth games; in the meantime, it appears to be putting fresh resources into promoting its older games.

La Tomatina, although a rare Spanish-language game, is not particularly notable, involving a fairly simplistic mechanic of hurling tomatoes at friends’ portraits. At number five, Green Farm is a lot more interesting. The recently-released farming game by mobile developer Gameloft is suggesting that better graphics could revive the farming genre.

We’ve recently reviewed Green Farm, as well as Candy Shop and CupCake Corner, which also appear within the list’s top 10 — just click through the links to see our takes.