Madden: Jokester

Kevin A. Madden, the outgoing press secretary for Rep. House Majority Leader John Boehner, had his way this morning with his biggest fans: journalists.

From his e-mail blast today:

    Good morning, gang:

    Since there are only a few more Boehner Briefing’s left before I take this (lame?) comedy act to Boston, just a few morning observations of the obvious:

    -The chilly weather guarantees that somewhere today Patrick O’Connor from The Hill is dressed like a ski-lift operator…but wearing a tie.

    -Kathy Kiely from USAT is sobbing because there is no pen-and-pad today.

    -Enviro/energy reporters are going to ask me at what precise day/hour/minute/second/millisecond a vote is expected on the offshore drilling bill.

    -Liriel Higa is wondering how she is going to get a “Madden e-mail fix.”

    -DuFour/Gavin are trying to find someone who can confirm that Kevin Smith secretly hates me.