Mad Magazine Gets a Jump on the Jared Kushner News Cycle

A most serendipitous August cover

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As any and all who work in the long-lead production environment of print magazines know, sometimes you get lucky.

A day before The Washington Post’s big Friday scoop about Jared Kushner, The Washington Times previewed the next cover of Mad magazine. For the August issue, Mad editor in chief John Ficarra and co. have transformed Kushner into their famous mascot Alfred E. Neuman, smiling and standing next to Ivanka behind President Trump seated at the Oval Office desk. The Times piece coincided with the magazine’s own reveal.

Mad magazine includes in its blurb for the August 2017 issue cover this: ‘Since the President’s son-in-law has been named the F.B.I.’s “person of interest” in the Russia probe, it’s also breaking news!’ Make that, now, double breaking news.

Just over a year ago, it was Alfred E. Neuman proper who was standing next to then-Republican primaries hopeful Trump, for the February 2016 Mad magazine issue cover and look back at “The 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2015.” President Obama joked in the run-up to the 2008 election that he had the ears of Neuman. Now, it’s Kushner’s ears that are burning, courtesy The Washington Post, Mad magazine and–in short order–the chatter of countless Memorial Day Weekend barbeques.

Two comparative discussions are worthy of consideration this holiday weekend. One, who makes a better Kushner? Jimmy Fallon in the cold open of the 826th episode of Saturday Night Live or Alfred E. Neuman on the cover of Mad Issue #546? And, for Mad aficionados, two: Where does this latest choice rank in the pantheon of Neuman swaps? Other upside-down honorees include Darth Vader, Rosemary’s baby and Agent Smith from The Matrix.

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