Macy's Promoting Facebook Page In New Online Marketing Campaign

If you’re a large brand that’s running an online ad campaign are you just going to direct consumers to a pretty landing page? That’s what most companies have been doing consistently although a few brands have begun choosing to promote their Facebook and Twitter accounts over landing pages for the opportunity to “remarket” to their fans. Macy’s is the latest brand to promote their Facebook Page through display advertising campaigns around the web.

The strategy appears to be working. Over the past month, the Macy’s Facebook page has grown from 28,000 to 67,000 fans. While the fan base is growing quickly, Macy’s hasn’t figured out how to take advantage of their growing fan base though. The company’s Facebook Page is overwhelmed with user comments, making it difficult to find updates that are just from the company.

Another interesting aspect of the company’s new promotion is that they are giving one meal to Feeding America for every Twitter follower that they obtain. By promoting this campaign through Facebook it seems weird that the company would direct people to become a fan on Facebook before following them on Twitter. Despite the confusing strategy by the company, what’s more important is the apparent shift from promoting the company’s own website to sites that they can directly engage users on.

While speaking at a recent event in Washington, D.C., I was asked by one company about the best social marketing strategy. Does it make more sense to use a white label social network to build engagement on the company’s site or to just set up a Facebook Page and Twitter account? My response was that the company should go where the customers already are, rather than forcing them to come to their own website.

Facebook provides brands with the opportunity to engage customers indefinitely and there is little friction to converting a new user into a fan. While there are still strategies for building a community within a brand’s website, setting up a Facebook Page takes little investment and can be easily integrated into an existing online marketing campaign. Macy’s happens to be the latest company using this new strategy however I’m sure we’ll see the majority of large brands shift toward this new “engagement” model.

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