Macy’s,, Walmart and other retail pages see gains in PTAT over holiday

Macy’s is this week’s top gainer in the People Talking About Metric among retail and consumer merchandise pages. The department store chain saw 1,311,939 engagements over the Thanksgiving week. With many retailers promoting Black Friday deals, engagement with retailer pages increased across pages.

The top 10 retail and consumer merchandise pages saw PTAT growth between 47,663 and 744,772 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Weekly Growth 
1   Macy’s 1,311,939 +744,772
2 743,017 +467,789
3   Walmart 1,659,028 +456,407
4   Toys ”R” Us 600,241 +352,758
5   Converse 343,479 +131,180
6   Foot Locker 194,872 +123,564
7   Target 1,195,255 +72,408
8   eBay India 68,445 +50,386
9   Cheaper Than Dirt 202,952 +47,663
10   幸福宅急便 154,970 +44,877

Black Friday was a common theme last week among retailer pages. Facebook tells us the term “Black Friday” was mentioned 1450 percent more than the week before. The term “shopping” jumped 586 percent.

Much of Macy’s engagement can be accredited to their use of Facebook offers and a photo album of their annual Thanksgiving Day parade. Photo albums can be a strategic way to increase clicks on a page which is believed to be a factor in determining whether the post appears in more fans’ News Feeds. PTAT includes the engagement received by each photo in the album so with 118 photos, a good portion of the PTAT can be attributed to these engagements.

Macy’s also saw engagement last week from their advertised Black Friday specials. The company highlighted its online store and mobile applications heavily. One particular photo post received over 40,000 likes, almost double the page’s second most engaging post.

Amazon ran Black Friday deals through the entire week, even creating a Facebook event for the occasion. The event had almost 60,000 guests marked as attending. By opting to use an event instead of page posts, Amazon could cater to a specific audience instead of overloading their page with an influx of posts which could be considered spammy to fans.  When a user chooses “attending” for events, they are opting-in to receive the event’s updates in their feed.

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