Macworld Predictions: Celebrity Edition


So you survived all the 27-hour-a-day coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show last week and now you think that means you’re strong enough to survive this one when Macworld goes down, with Tuesday being the annual Steve Jobs keynote? Well that means you’re either horribly naive or you’re a heck of a lot tougher than us. After a 2007 filled with nothing but iPhone, we’ve decided that we’re going to retire to our our underground bunker and not poke our heads out until about mid-May, when all the talk about the Apple Flying Robot Car Laser Pistol Money Tree or whatever gets announced has died down some (to a time when people are only mentioning it in every other sentence). But before we leave, and to help with your exposure conditioning, here’s a piece we liked from BusinessWeek, “What Should Apple Do Next?” wherein they talked to a batch of knowledgeable people and famous folk, from Yves Behar to Adaptive Path‘s Jesse James Garrett and Chris Conley at IIT, all of whom chimed in with an answer to that very question, like such: