Macworld: iPhone’s Success Not a Sure Thing

iphone.jpgMacworld is reporting that market analysis firms IDC and Market Insight concluded the iPhone might not be the runaway success everyone is expecting.

“Despite all the hype, there is little clarity on Apple’s (and AT&T’s) service plans for the device. This lack of clarity could adversely impact consumers’ purchase decisions,” said Shiv K. Bakhshi, Ph.D., director of mobility research at IDC, in the article.

This is true; no one has any idea what AT&T and Apple are going to charge for the monthly plan – just the initial $499 and $599 price points for the handset itself.

If you’re planning on waiting for the iPhone to be available on Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile, hope you have a comfy seat and a good magazine; it’s going to be at least five years before that happens.

Analyst: iPhone success not a certainty [Macworld]