Macworld: Apple TV Will Rise in 2008

appletv.jpgApparently taking offense at Yahoo Tech’s claim that the Apple TV was one of the “10 Worst Tech Products of 2007,” Macworld mounts a strong defense of the product. Now that Apple (reportedly) plans to announce a movie rental download service soon, they reason, the Apple TV could suddenly become a significant player.

We’re in agreement that a movie rental service could boost Apple TV sales. However, we’re not as supportive of their claim that “while the picture may not be pure HD, it’s completely watchable on [a] 42-inch plasma display.” So is a VCR, technically–but the Apple TV still lags in quality compared to DVDs or even standard definition cable television.

On the other hand, we’ve always liked the Apple TV due to how easy it is to swap movies around between an iPhone, an iPod, the box, and a computer. It looks like we’ll all have to see what’s in store at Macworld 2008 next week.

It’s the content, stupid [Macworld]