Macmillan Digital Marketing Manager Moves to AdaptiveBlue

Yesterday, Ami Greko, digital marketing manager of Macmillan was hired by AdaptiveBlue as the company’s new director of business development.

AdaptiveBlue is the company behind Glue, a web service “powered by semantic recognition technology that automatically identifies movies, books, music, wines, movie stars, and more.”

Greko, who has worked at FSG and in other positions in publishing, wrote about her job move on her blog: “Before taking this new gig, I thought a lot about what it meant to leave big-house publishing (or ‘legacy publishing,’ as we’ve taken to calling it around here). Since it’s the only field I’ve ever worked in, it was a particularly hard decision to make. True, the challenges facing the industry now are serious, but it’s clear to me that publishing is chock-full of smart people who are all doing their best to keep things afloat. I love this business, and I have no doubt that it will find its way.”

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