Macmillan Books Still Not Available for Direct Sale on Amazon

As agents, writers, and publishers bite their fingernails, Amazon has still not completed their promise to “capitulate” to Macmillan’s eBook pricing model. As of this writing, books by the publisher are not directly on the website.

According to agent Kristin Nelson at PubRants, the situation is nearing resolution. “I have an author releasing in two weeks in hardcover from St. Martin’s Press (Hester by Paula Reed) so I’m particularly anxious to see a resolution,” she wrote. “Talking with Macmillan editors, I hear that [Macmillan CEO] John Sargent has a meeting this afternoon with Amazon and that the company is ‘optimistic’ that links will be back up by tonight or tomorrow morning.” (Via Sarah Weinman)

Earlier today we interviewed O’Reilly’s Andrew Savikas about the price fight, and he shared some of his own experience: “when we raised the price of an iPhone app from $5 to $10, sales fell by 75 percent overnight. That’s a pretty loud and clear signal from the market.”

GalleyCat readers have continued arguing about eBook prices. One reader griped: “People pay 15 bucks to see a stupid movie in a theater. They certainly can pay that for a bestseller that would cost 25 bucks in hardcover. Amazon is disrespecting the brains behind literature, for their own greedy profits.”

On the other hand, Bradley Robb concluded: “Man, Amazon just won big. Huge. And I don’t think Sargeant even saw it coming. Not only will Amazon now make a profit from the sale of eBooks, but they’ll make more under this plan (per book) than the very plan they offered publishers a week prior. Amazon won on the PR front, actually getting to play the consumer advocate good guy for perhaps the first time ever with the Kindle.”

Meanwhile, some Amazon customers continue to boycott Kindle books priced higher than $9.99.