Macmillan Author Rallies Readers In Support of Authors

While, as Authors Guild says, Macmillan’s standoff may result in a “significant and lasting” payoff for authors, right now writers who’ve published with Macmillan are rapidly losing sales because Amazon’s not selling their books. To fight back, Macmillan author John Scalzi, who publishes with the TOR imprint, has published A Call for Author Support on his blog, urging readers to seek out alternative means of buying Macmillan titles.

“Amazon was moving against Macmillan when it pulled those books, but in doing so it also moved against Macmillan’s authors,” writes Scalzi. “Remember there’s more to bookselling than Amazon. Offline there are brick and mortar bookstores–go visit one. They like visitors. Tell them I sent you. Online there is Barnes and Noble. There’s Powell’s. IndieBound will hook you up. Specialty bookstores have their own web sites. You can often buy books online from the publishers themselves. Hell, even sells books.”

Still, this doesn’t solve the Kindle problem–no new Macmillan eBooks for Kindle for now, and no way to buy them elsewhere. But perhaps you could switch back to paper for a couple of days?