Machinima Will Have a Second Screen on Your Screen for Xbox One

Game guides will pop up and tell you how to play

This may be a little specific, but did anyone else scour all of Arkham City for those damn Riddler trophies for (clears throat) hours last year? Because I sure did, and the only reason I'm not still sitting in front of my TV furious mashing the D-pad with my blistered thumbs is that I got online and found a number of websites and helpful videos that showed me exactly where every single prize was hidden.

Apparently a couple of you did this, too, because Machinima is announcing a new app for the Xbox One that will run those videos on-screen alongside your game, so you can actually watch somebody else climb up the bookshelf to get the diamond hidden on top, or explore the underground cave you'd never been able to find, or shoot the boss monster in the left shoulder.

"In the enhanced mode—and over time, we'll do more and more of them—they'll really be keyed to your level, to your gameplay, to where you're going," says Allen DeBevoise, CEO of the popular nerd culture content platform. The app, in other words, will be able to tell how far along in the game you are and show you what's there. The hope, says DeBevoise, is that gamers will get really deep into whatever title they're playing, which will in turn allow publishers to market expansions and extra levels.

"We're working with the publishers," DeBevoise said. "They're really excited about it, too—if more people play really advanced gameplay, there'll be more DLC [downloadable content]." The app will launch with the One on Nov. 22. It's one of the first apps announced for the new platform.