Machinima, Honda Fit Team Up for Street Fighter Bonus Round


For fans of video game Street Fighter, one of the most gleeful moments of gameplay is when you get to let loose with your character on a generic vehicle during one of the bonus rounds. With a clever wink, gaming-themed video portal Machinima and Honda Fit are weaving references to those moments into the narrative of Web series Street Fighter Assassin's Fist.

The additional sponsored content, which consists of two more stories and one behind-the-scenes video, supplements the main 13-episode story line. The first video, which was released today, features Chun-Li protecting a Honda Fit from the wrath of Zangief until a new challenger appears. 

Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist has been a huge hit for Machinima, with its episodes garnering 6.5 million views since they were uploaded on May 23.  But, what most people don't realize is the series originated from an online fan film called Street Fighter: Legacy, created by Joey Ansah (who directs the series and stars as Akuma). That video has been viewed a not-to-shabby 5.1 million times.

Watch the first episode below:

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