Machinima Hires New CEO Chad Gutstein

Relax fanboys, the content you love is here to stay

Gaming entertainment portal Machinima has hired Chad E. Gutestein to head its online empire. Gutstein previously was the COO of cable network Ovation, a channel dedicated to the arts.

Gutstein told Adweek that he hopes to help Machinima focus on profitable growth by focusing on original and partner content, as well as developing apps and platforms that will help monetize its digital medium. The company will focus on making the brand a "technology product" instead of just an online video channel.

“The really great thing about this company is it is one of the few companies in this space that has a strong brand and a network brand that has gone beyond the original show brand,” Gutstein said.

Machinima’s co-founder Allen DeBevoise added in a press release that he felt that Gutstein's background with TV distributors and tier one advertisers would be essential in helping Machinima evolve.

“Machinima is ready for the next level, and Chad has all of the unique qualities we were seeking in a new CEO to bring us there,” DeBevoise said. “His fresh and respected outlook, deep knowledge of the TV and digital business, and proven track record will all benefit Machinima as we enter our next phase of growth."

But fanboys and gamers can breathe a sign of relief. With 2.5 billion views and almost 200 million views per month, according to the company, Machinima doesn’t feel the need to change its audience. Machinima believes it has the best way to tap into the young male demographic, and it's not in the business of alienating the people who have come to love the brand.

“What we’re doing has been working from a content standpoint, and we’re going to continue with that,” he affirmed.

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