MacBook Air Display Problems? Software Update 1.0 Might Help

As one of many new MacBook Air (2010 model) owners, I was not happy to read this news from Cult of Mac and Macworld.

Video Problems & Kernel Panics Reported By Early MacBook Air Adopters (Cult of Mac)

Some MacBook Airs exhibiting screen issues (Mac

The reported problems include:
– Kernel panics (low level system crash)
– Random displays of colors in vertical lines
– Horizontal sparkling bands up and down the screen
– Switch from full color to gray screen
– Variety of screen color changes

A recent software update specifically for the Air may resolve some of these issues. I have not seeing any of these issues so far. It may be because I updated my Air with “MacBook Air (Late 2010) Software Update 1.0” on the day I received my Air (Oct. 27).

MacBook Air: Software Updates Already?

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