MacBook Air 2010 WiFi Stability Problems?

One of the major reasons I invested in a MacBook Air 2010 was to have a lightweight OS X based “netbook” to use to record podcasts with guests communicating using Skype. All of my dozens of podcast have been recorded using computers with only WiFi connections. So, I didn’t expect any problem using the Air on WiFi to record discussions over Skype. However, I ran into all kinds of issues with, I then thought, Skype when I recorded podcats 44 and 45 last week using the Air.

Podcast 44: Windows Phone 7 Discussion with Jason Dunn of Thoughts Media

Podcast 45: Windows Phone 7 Discussion with Steven Hughes of the Boston Pocket PC Users Group

My guests “cylon-ed” (digital audio aliasing) during our conversation and even dropped out completely. Later while using my Air for writing, I noticed its WiFi indicator dropping in and out of a connection that should be stable. You can see a screen segment shot of the WiFi icon in a phase where it lost connection and was attempting to reconnect. This happened quite frequently over the space a few minutes. This kind of WiFi problem could easily explain the Skype issues I ran into last week. The WiFi signal in that area was strong and steady for other devices I tested. So, the problem is specific to the Air. A quick check of Apple’s own discussion boards indicates that other people are having the same problem.

Topic : Wireless connection is spotty – continually disconnects and reconnects