MacBook Air 2010 Battery Life Impressions After Day 1

Here’s a couple of slightly more than casual observations about my MacBook Air’s battery life after its first full day of use.

– MacBook Air 11.6-inch model with 4GB RAM, 128MB SSD, 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo processor
– Fully charged (100%) Wednesday evening
– Closed the cover with the Air running to leave it in sleep mode overnight
– Battery level was 99% early Thursday morning
– Battery level was about 98% shortly after 8am after arriving at my office
– The MacBook was not in heavy normal use during the day. However, I left it running to side of my desk downloading and installing apps like Firefox, Thunderbird, and The GIMP during the way. It got heavy use and lots of demos during lunch (and throughout the day)
– By mid-afternoon (2:30pm), the battery level was down to 35%
– It was down to about 17% by 5pm

The rated 5-hour battery life seems about right even with my relatively maximum resources configuration (maximum RAM & processor speed). However, unlike my iPad, I’m definitely going to carry the Air’s power adapter with me. It might not make it through a heavy usage day.