MacBain: Art Mag Diva | NY1 Reporter’s Harassment Claims | Anderson Cooper: The T-Shirt | Entrepreneur‘s Pop-Up Traffic | Gawker ‘Not Journalism’ — It’s ‘Blogging’


MacBain [2nd from left] hosted the Culture & Travel launch party at her West side townhouse

  • Louise T. MacBain: Art mag diva eyes Armory. [NYP]
  • NY1 Reporter: Claims sexual harassment. [NYP]
  • Takes heat for boosting Web traffic with unwanted pop-ups. [NYT]
  • Adds tool for users to post stories to other sites. [E&P]
  • Rodale: To try freaky print and online integration thing. [Mediaweek]
  • Anderson Cooper: The official t-shirt. [Jossip]
  • What’s New In The Newewst New Radar?: Not much. [WWD]
  • Gawker: Not “journalism” — it’s “blogging.” [Guardian]