Lynn Sweet Works Harder Than You

From the Observer’s interview with the Chicago Sun-Times reporter:

  • Ms. Sweet is not the person to think of if you think of the reporters that people like to say have given in to Barack Obama’s charms. Nor does she have an axe to grind. She is not a pledged foe of Mr. Obama the way some reporters for hometown papers become when the people they have covered emerge from their backyard to become national figures.

    But even other reporters who follow her around say she’s the first to call “bullshit.”

  • “She is an in-the-moment specialist,” said Jeff Zeleny, the New York Times Obama reporter, who covered him with the Chicago Tribune as well. “Her role, and I think it is carved out intentionally, is in-the-moment blow-by-blow and a chronicler of what he’s doing.”

  • “She’s Hildy Johnson meets Ben Smith,” said Mr. Thrush, the Newsday reporter. “She’s taken to this blog like an 18-year old. She uses the new medium in an old-fashioned way.”

  • And as her news hole increasingly decreases in the Sun-Times, her blog has just opened more space for that stuff. “No one will work harder than I am. I will never not worker harder than someone. I will never stop reporting.”