Lupul Sends Leaf Fans on Scavenger Hunt for his Lost iPhone via Twitter

After leaving his iPhone in a taxi, hockey player Joffrey Lupul turned to Twitter. He was successful in what was called an "experiment in social media".

If you forgot your iPhone in a taxi, chances are the first thing on your mind would be to get a new phone. But NHL Hockey player Joffrey Lupul had a better idea: On Friday morning, after realizing he’d left his smartphone in a taxi, the wing player took to Twitter, sending hockey fans on a city-wide scavenger hunt. The reward: five Leaf tickets and an autographed jersey.

Lupul made the search a trending topic, tweeting this clue: “It was in an orange taxi and the driver had a nice thick duster [mustache]. Think Mike Browns mustache, but not as angry.” The message reached his 25,000 followers, and within and hour, the phone was tracked down.

Sources vary on exactly how long the search took: A Toronto Star source said that “within the hour, the phone was tracked down,” but according to The Globe and Mail, the search only took ten minutes: “Ten minutes later, the cab driver delivered the phone to Lupul’s condo building after the company had been flooded with calls with people trying to find it” (The Globe).

Either way, Lupul was able to author his next tweet directly from his phone: “Omg. This actually worked. The search is off! It’s been located!!!! Yessss.”

Since no one person was responsible for finding the phone, Lupul awarded the cab driver with tickets to the Leaf’s next homegame against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Lupul calls the escapade “an interesting experiment in social media”