Lunchtime Lede Check, 2.20.14

WaPo leads with Ukraine, most don't (Photo:AFP)
WaPo leads with Ukraine, most don’t (Photo:AFP)

From WaPo to WJLA, here are the stories that are leading your homepages today:

The Washington PostNew fighting shatters truce in Kiev

The Washington TimesCoke Zero: Advocacy group says Coca-Cola hurts Olympians

Washington ExaminerQuiet campaigning for House GOP leadership underway

Washington City PaperThe Snow Has Melted, But Will D.C. Voters’ Hearts?

USA TodayRussia makes history with figure skating gold

The HillObama drops proposal to cut Social Security from his budget

POLITICOObama to drop entitlement cuts from 2015 budget

Roll CallMurkowski Warns Alaskans Ending Filibusters Could Be Dangerous

National JournalRick Santorum Plots His Return

Daily Caller: Having a wife and child at age 23 is now an ‘alternative lifestyle,’ according to NBC

WTOP: Safeway in talks to make major changes

ABC 7: US to announce arrests in health care fraud case

NBC 4: Russian Wins Figure Skating Gold

CBS 9: Police investigating bank robbery in Olney

Fox 5: Victim of suspected home invasion jumped from apartment window after being shot