Lunch With a Side of [Fill in the Blank]

Howard Fineman’s hair. Prostitution in Washington. Hoecakes. Weight loss. These were some of the topics that arose at a media luncheon Wednesday at Art and Soul hosted by Chef Art Smith.

Along with pubic hair.

The meal was a magical seven-course culinary journey into tasting some of Art’s most spectacular specialties. For example, the meal included those aforementioned hoecakes (an oval shaped southern delicacy that looks and tastes like a pancake) with pulled pork piled on top, buttermilk mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese as well as the monumentally juicy fried chicken that put Art on Oprah’s map. Oprah loved the chicken so much that she sought Art out and made him her personal chef (and one of her disciples).

He loves her to fried chicken pieces and sang her praises during lunch. In his opinion, she is unrivaled, unmatched in every way that matters.

Conversation soon moved into name dropping heaven. Lady Gaga. Priscilla Presley. Moby. Barbara Bush. Art has rubbed elbows with them all. He has also kept off the serious poundage he shed last year after being diagnosed with diabetes. As in 75 pounds. He said Bush ordered him not to lose any more. He says drinking water in January and eating oatmeal with toasted quinoa, agave syrup and granola for breakfast will change your life. Asked if he gave up booze as part of his dieting, he snapped, “No, honey, please, I love vodka.”

Apart from food and drink, Art’s media diet consists of WaPo, Politico, Atlantic Monthly, Washingtonian, DC File and The Blade. “I have to keep up with my people in this town,” he said, emphasizing his reading that last publication.

And finally, the hair. Fineman’s hair came up when someone at the table remarked that he has great lush locks. Pubic hair? A woman remarked that after a person has cancer, the hair sometimes “grows back like pubic hair.”

Bon Appetit.

Find out who attended the lunch…

Among those who showed up for lunch: Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab, New York Social Diary‘s Carol Joynt, Alyse Kraus, Melanie Kaplan and Publicist and blogger Janet Donovan.