Vernon Jordan, Paul Shaffer and Richard Belzer Grab a Bite at Michael’s


We missed Harvey Keitel (who, we hear, is a pretty nice guy) by a day, but the usual suspects kept things hopping in the dining room at Michael’s today. By now, we’ve grown used to seeing Richard Belzer with his dog Bebe (pronounced Bay-Bay en Francais, in case you were wondering) in tow for his 1 pm lunches every now and again. But we did perk up when Vernon Jordan came in. Talk about presence!

I had a chance to catch up with one of my favorite regulars, ‘Mayor’ Joe Armstong who, when I first started writing this column, made it his personal mission to introduce me to as many movers and shakers as possible. The native Texan with the heart of gold just can’t help himself when it comes to do-good deeds. This afternoon he was full of fire telling me about the upcoming benefit for The Hole in The Wall Gang Camp on October 21 at Lincoln Center. Joe spent seven years as a camp counselor during the summer at the original Connecticut camp — He now proudly bears the title of ‘Mr. Ambassador’ for the organization — and can’t say enough about the kids whose lives are forever changed thanks to Paul Newman. “They make you realize what is really important, ” says Joe.

So, if you want to help continue Newman’s good works and spend an evening rubbing shoulders with Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep, Joanne Woodward and Renee Zellweger, get out those checkbooks and buy a ticket to the gala. Tell them Joe sent you …

Here’s the rundown on today’s crowd:

1. Self‘s Lucy Danziger and some leggy leather clad gals from L’Oreal talking ‘stress management’

2. Law & Order SVU’s Richard Belzer and David Letterman’s band leader Paul Shaffer

3. ‘Mayor’ Joe Armstrong and O’s book editor Sara Nelson.

4. Leonard Lauder and a casually elegant gal who, upon greeting the cosmetic king exclaimed, “This is the high point of my week!”

5. Herb Siegel

6. Most of ‘The Imber Gang”: Dr. Gerald Imber, Jeff Greenfield, Andy Bergman and Michael Kramer.

7. Women’s Day brand group senior vice president Carlos Lamadrid (Nice to finally meet you!) and Dan Borchert.

8. Cheri Kaufman of Kaufman Astoria Studios

9. Kyle Hotchkiss Carone with The New York Times’ scribe Horatio Silva.

11. Beauty Fashion’s George Ledes

12. Harris Lane of Hank Lane Music

14. PR impresario Howard Rubenstein

15. Jay Cross

16. Producer Joan Gelman with her son Gregg who stopped by the bar to chat. A big congrats to Joan’s son Josh on his rave reviews for the CBS special on Fashion’s Night Out.

17. Producer Steven Haft

18. Vernon Jordan, who had big hugs for his favorite Michael’s staffers before making his way to his table where he was joined by Betsy Like

19. Roberto Correia Paz of Gucci

20. Tiffany’s Linda Buckley

21. EMI Music’s Neil Lasher

22. Diane Lewis of The Museum of Radio & Television

23. Dan Wassong

24. Mort Hamburg (Joan’s hubby)

25. Richard Bressler

26. Vogue‘s Amber Estabrook

27. MORE‘s editrix Lesley Jane Seymour, looking extremely glam …

28. Producer Beverly Camhe and Bill Hickman

29. People‘s Sharon Cotliar with politico and author Barry Landau

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