Lunch: Jeff Greenfield on Obama Cover: ‘Too Clever By Half’



What a difference a day makes. If only we’d come by yesterday we could have gotten in on the party for Peggy Siegal who was being feted for her birthday by gal pals Barbara Walters, Liz Smith, Rita Wilson (one of the most pleasant celebrities I’ve ever interviewed on the red carpet) and Nora Ephron. Michael Caine, in town for The Dark Knight premiere (he plays Alfred to Christian Bale’s Batman) and his gorgeous wife. Shakira were there, too. Oh well.

Here’s the rundown on today’s crowd:

1. “The Imber Gang” minus regular Jerry Della Femina — Jeff Greenfield, Dr. Gerry Imber, Michael Kramer and Andy Berger. When the guys stopped to talk to me at the bar on their way out, I asked them what they’d been dishing. “Not much to write about today, eh?” joked Gerry. Seems the controversial cover of The New Yorker was a hot topic at their table. Jeff’s verdict: “Too clever by half.”

2. Producer Jon Hart and Ken Davenport (nice to meet you). Jon is off to see “The Dark Knight” tonight and predicts the film will do boffo box office. “I think it’s going to be the biggest opening ever.”

3. Diane Sokolov and agent Martha Lutrell.

4. John Huey and a dark-haired gal sipping soup.

5. Herb Siegel and New York Social Diary‘s David Patrick Columbia, with his business partner Jeff Hirsch. DPC forsaking his usual perch at Table 8 to join Herb at his spot is big doings and has got us wondering if there’s something in the works we should know about. How about it guys?

6. Silvercup Studios’ Stewart Suna

7. Publicity maven Marilyn Crawford who spent the time waiting for her guest to arrive by flipping through the recent issue of Hamptons.

8. Lynn Hirschberg with a fellow whose name was “Bob” so we’re told …

9. Elle‘s creative director Joe Zee with VP/Managing Director Dan Ragone. Joe, who makes his reality television debut in the new Stylista premiering in September on the CW, spills all for our next So What Do You Do? interview. It’s out next Wednesday. Don’t miss it!

11. Lee Mellis and Larry Kaiser.

12. Teen Vogue‘s Amy Astley looking chic all in black.

14. We would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for this one: David Carey and The New York Observer‘s boy wonder Jared Kushner.

15. Harper Collins’ David Hirshey celebrating “the changing of the guard” with his two “old pals” departing O Magazine editor Amy Gross (who kept her shades on during lunch) and her successor Susan Reed who recently helmed the now defunct Golf for Women.

16. Alan Muchin.

17. Lisa Caputo (loved the to-die-for suit!)

18. John Josephson

20. Lynn Goldberg

22. Marketing guru Matt Lipscomb

23. Scott Singer

24. Bill Wreaks

25. Maureen Reidy and Mike Specks

26. CBS’ Allison Holmes

27. Leslie Borger of Truth Be Told PR

28. Jamie LeFrak

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