Lunch at PJ Clarke’s Sidecar

dc_gal_14_modal_imageWe’d like to introduce a new series highlighting the power lunch spot of DC media, Sidecar at PJ Clarke’s. Hailing from New York, PJs is an institution in the City and has been known as a place where Washington power players have congregated since opening in the District in 2010.

Located blocks from the White House and at the corner of K Street and 16th, Sidecar is a private dining room frequented daily by journos lunching with sources, politicos dining with lobbyists, and any combination of the two. Membership offers access to private events and the ability to make a table reservation anytime the restaurant is open.

So send us who you saw (or who you were with) and expect to see those names on the site as part of Lunch at Sidecar at PJ Clarke’s.

And lunching today at Sidecar…The Daily Caller’s Neil Patel, CNN’s Kim Elchlepp with the American Beverage Association’s Chris “Gindy” Gindlesperger, Adfero’s Jeff Mascot, and Bully Pulpit Interactive’s Jen Nedeau, Camille Heyboer, John Rohrer, Katherine Barnhart and Sarah Kendrick welcoming the firm’s newest hire William Nutt, most recently with The US Green Building Council.

Send tips to or via text.

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