Lunch at Michael’s: Valentine’s Hangover


It’s the calm after the storm. The biggest — and only — snow storm of the season couldn’t keep the movers and shakers away yesterday. On Valentine’s Day the bustling dining room was host to a “low-key” birthday celebration hosted by Sherry Westin for Mayor Bloomberg, who received kudos all around for the bang up job he’s doing. (The big question everyone was asking: is he running for president? Why not? Everyone else is!) We, not of the Town Car set, postponed our weekly visit a day so as not to slog it out with the elements. We’re pleased to report all is right with the world once again: regulars and boldface names mixed it up amicably over the hum of pleasant media conversation.

Here’s the rundown:

1. Blonde ambition: Liz Smith and Cynthia McFadden with a lovely looking lady we didn’t recognize. Note to Liz: we’re impressed by how neat your desk and office looks in the new Vanity Fair. Who knew orderliness was the secret to longevity!

2. A casually clad Henry Schlieff.

3. Five fashionable types (from Palm Beach, we’re told) including Iris Cantor and Larry Kaiser.

4. Hachette’s Jack Kliger with Jay Kriegel and Jim Abernathy.

5. Lou Cona and a bevy of female staffers.

6. Frederic DeNarp.

7. Author and radio host Lisa Birnbach and Alexandra Trower.

8. New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia and a petite blonde pal who passed the time waiting for DPC (“I couldn’t get a cab!”) by chatting with Kathie Lee Gifford.

9. Publisher’s Weekly‘s Sara Nelson and guest.

11. Stanley Schuman.

12. Larry Ashmeen.

14. Kathie Lee Gifford, looking svelte in head to toe black. The one-time morning show host turned broadway baby passed the time waiting for her date (?) making notes (about?) and sipping chardonnay. Who was that late-arriving mystery man??

15. Randy Jones.

16. NBC’s Jonathan Wald and guest.

17. Sotheby’s Jamie Niven and an unidentified blonde woman.

18. Howard Stringer with his attorney, we’re told.

19. We couldn’t see.

20. The ever-youthful Jim Bell.

21. Steve Scheff.

22. James Knight.

23. Ernest Hamberg (husband of radio doyenne Joan, we’re told).

24. Ed Pressman and friends.

25. Bright Lights, Big City producer Beverly Camhe stopped by the bar to chat with today’s lunchtime chronicler, Diane Clehane, to say that big doings were afoot at her table. Beverly reports that her son Todd is talking to producer Heyward Collins (who got Amy Redford‘s much talked about new film, The Guitar, greenlit) about producing Sister with Todd directing the picture.

26. Estee Lauder’s Sally Susman and guests.

27. Early shift: Reed Schoenfeld and friend. Second shift: Uber agent Lynn Nesbitt and guest.

28. Jewelry maven Joan Parker. If you want to know whose diamonds will decorate whose décolletage come Oscar night, she’s your gal.

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