Lunch At Michael’s: Summer Suave

Attention all aspiring powerbrokers and machers: forget the lazy days of summer. (Face it, the sun is never coming out again anyway). The crowd we spotted at Michael’s today all share at least one unshakeable belief: summer is for sissies! (Except of course on the weekends when appearances in the still happening Hamptons, bucolic towns of Connecticut or Columbia County and, if you’re lucky the Vineyard or coast of Maine, are still de rigueur.) Despite the energy zapping and mood killing dreary July weather, captains of industry and media like Ron Perelman, Howard Rubenstein and Time Inc’s editor-in-chief John Huey infused the room with some serious adrenaline. While some movers and shakers opted for vacation-like attire, it was business as usual amid the crowd that included a fair number of fashionistas — designer to the stars Zang Toi and Chanel exec Barbara Cirkva among them. A handful of anonymous social swans decked out in their best Town & Country looks rounded out the packed dining room.

Here’s the rundown:

Table 1: A jacketless Perelman (who sported his signature Hampton look — an open collared shirt and tan jeans that belied his intense expression) held court with two other equally imposing looking gentleman guests. Never one to waste time, the Revlon titan got up several times during his meal and the entire table departed before 1:15 pm.

2. Peter Brown of Brown Lloyd James and his producing partner Michael Holtzman.

3. The always dapper mayor of Michael’s Joe Armstrong with ???

4. We’re told this was Owen Lasiter and Sue Polack. They were deep in conversation. About?

5. First shift: Rubenstein, another time management titan with Chris Taylor. Second shift: magazine consultant Tony Hoyt — boasting his ever-present sunny smile and Don Welsh. Hoyt did his fair share of handshaking greeting pals Armstrong and Sport Illustrated‘s editor Terry McDonnell.

6. McDonnell with a bespectacled unknown fellow. Anyone?

7. Zang Toi in a black jacket with matching lapel flower. The flamboyant designer was, as usual, sans socks (fabulous fashionistas shun socks as they do carbohydrates) with a suited man and a suited woman — Seventh Avenue types, perhaps?

8. David Patrick Columbia, resplendent in seersucker, with Amelia St. Amand.

9. New York Daily News gossip guru Lloyd Grove and Jay Kriegel.

11. Three lucky folk we think were “civilians” who somehow scored a great table. One of them was in a purple polo shirt.

12. Citigroup’s Lisa Caputo and two mystery men.

14. Marc Rosenthal (doing his best Tom Wolfe in a white suit and fedora) and socialite Ashley Schiff (who we hear is now toiling for Rubenstein)

15. Harper Collins editor David Hirshey with Adrian Zackheim, who helms two imprints at Penquin.

16. Steve Wasserman and ???

17. TV exec Barry Frey and a female guest.

18. The table that had us wishing we could have been within earshot: former CBS News prexy Andrew Heyward and Time Inc. honcho John Huey.

Before making his way to his table, the always amiable Heyward stopped to talk to us. Yes, that was us at the bar. Mediabistro editorial director Dorian Benkoil, who bucked the summer casual trend in his Hermes tie and “off the rack” suit from Macy’s (“On sale!”) with celebrity journo and today’s lunchtime chronicler Diane Clehane in Prada, a nod to her favorite movie of the summer.

19. New York Times fashion scribe Eric Wilson with Vera Wang publicist Elizabeth Mussano, wearing a chartreuse charmeuse (try saying that three times fast!) red carpet worthy dress designed by her boss. We wonder if the subject of Jennifer Aniston’s much anticipated wedding gown came up. (For those of you who don’t read PEOPLE or US Weekly, rumor has it Aniston is in the midst of planning her wedding to the anti-Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn).

20. Another style maven: Chanel’s Cirkva, whose Mt. Kisco garden antique shop is worth a visit.

21. Keith Kelly and Quest magazine publisher Chris Meigher.

22. PR guru Andy Plesser of Plesser Holland Associates.

23. National Television Academy president/CEO Peter Price and Joanne Lippman, formerly of The Wall Street Journal and currently editor of the much anticipated Portfolio.

24. ???

25. Scott Singer,a leader of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu’s media practice with another media money man, Reed Phillips.

26. Author Dick Barthelmes and ???

27. Jamie Niven, Sotheby’s auctioneer and son of legendary actor, David.

28. Liz Finkel (we couldn’t see her companions).

29. Media maven Liz Kaplow of Kaplow Communications (ditto).

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Map of Michael’s