Lunch at Michael’s: Sudden Slush Piles

We got a table today. Hooray! Lousy weather and all, we slogged through the slushy, rainy gloom to get there. Peter O. Price, TV-industry hot-shot and president of NATAS (which puts on the Emmys), was our guest. Who else made it there? Regis and Dominick and Cindi and other great folks. Here’s the list:

Table 1: It was the TV Ladies Who Lunch table, starring Primetime Live senior producer and birthday girl Jessica Velmans (ABC), Marty Spanninger (PBS), Karen Burnes (ABC), Phyllis McGrady (GMA), Cynthia McFadden (Nightline) and Scribner’s Nan Graham (okay, she’s not in TV). RUMORED: McFadden is writing a script of some sort… Tell us more, if you know something.

Michaels 061.jpg

Steve Millington delivers the surprise birthday dessert in this highly fuzzy photo. We had hidden cameras, so bear with us 🙂

Michaels 062.jpg

Another shot of the Birthday girl, center in black. Far right, Cynthia McFadden.

McFadden 064.jpg

Final birthday shot, we promise. Far right is Nan Graham. Everyone’s toasting Velmans.

Table 2: Rob Wiesenthal, executive vice president and chief financial officer, Sony Corporation of America, with another guy.

3: Mayor of Michael’s Joe Armstrong, with Dashing Don Welsh, AKA “the man who launched 25 mags in 35 years.” He looks kinda like a more-rounded version of George Plimpton. Don’s latest claim to fame was Budget Living. Now, he’s writing a travel book (tentatively) titled The Big Trip. He had the book proposal on hand, with a visual itinerary and everything. Looked pretty good to our unschooled eyes. He needs a publisher. Hirshey, where are you??? Lunch was on the house at least. Steve Millington bought Joe’s lunch because Joe is working for Habitat for Humanity for the next ten days “he needs a good meal before he does that,” said Millie.

4: William Morris agent Owen Laster, courting a very attractive (and bookish) young lady who we later discover is a newish editor at Scribner, Anna DeVries.

5: Court TV chairman and CEO Henry S. Schleiff with Talk Show Host Regis Philbin. They looked like old friends.

6: Dominick Dunne with two people who we couldn’t ID. Help?

7: Ex-Variety publisher and current Velocity Services board member Gerry Byrne, who winked at us when we arrived but failed to provide his guest list. [A little birdie later told us: Byrne is the Chairman/Founder of The Quill Book Awards (NBC) as well as The Quills Literacy Foundation and he’s also Parade mag’s Senior Advisor. Check His guest this last week was Stuart Suna, CEO of Silvercup Studios and Chairman of The Hampton’s Film Festival.]

8: New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia with a bevy of guests today, including: socialite Brooke Duchin, fashionably appointed Alex Hitz, “What Becomes A Woman” author Peter Rogers and Frank Bowling, head of the Peninsula Hotel in LA.

Hitz 065.jpg

Here is what Hitz was wearing today. Note the orange cuff. Very nicely done!

9: Author, wit and wise one Jesse Kornbluth, with Eden Collingsworth, a Hearst Exec who writes novels in her free time (did Cosmo‘s Kate White start a trend over there?). Eden’s book is a “psychological thriller set in the book publishing world.” Hirshey, are you listening? You’re it. The book is called “It Might Have Been What He Said.” Can’t wait to read about it, Eden!

11: MediaVillage Chief Jack Myers is on a mission to raise $7 mm to expand into user-generated TV content. Hmmmm sounds interesting. He was with Michael Perlis today. Was he hitting you up for the dough, Mike? C’mon, tell us.

12: Larry Ashmead with a woman.

14: Peter Brown with Mike Holtzman.

15: Cute Lou Cana, with his polished cranium, and Maguy Maccario-Doyle, of the Montecarlo Consulate, and someone else.

16: Gray-beard Nick Erbitsky and two others.

17: Charlie Shuler.

18: Bob Bradford with dapper-looking Randy Jones.

19: Shirley Lord, with a guy.

20: Glamour’s e-i-c Cindi Leive, with a very tall attractive (blond and viking-ish) man who we later learned was a svp at Calvin Klein, Malcolm Carfrae.

21: Delightful Judith Price, with the equally affable Marcia Levine, wife of the head of the Marlborough Galleries, among her other achievements (tell us more).

22: Va-va-va voom. Chris Taylor (uber PR Goddess to the media moguls) with the very alluring but a bit shy Silda Wall (married to Eliot Spitzer) and Maggie Jones. They both work for Children to Children, a non-profit.

23: Simon & Schuster’s mysterious self-made CEO Jack Romanos, with his vp/chief flack, Adam Rothberg of the funky glasses and Josh Getlin, the newly appointed NY Bureau Chief of the LA Times. Welcome to NYC, Josh!

24: Legendary ad agency men Martin Puris and John Bernbach, with Ira Carlin (Universal McCann Media). Puris was going for the tres sportif mode, wearing smoky tinted glasses and a shirt with no tie (open, no less!). Sexy look.

25: We were at this table with Peter Price.

26: Patricia Duff and cute Jonathan Wald.

27: Scott Flanders, former ceo of Columbia House, with two people.

28: Genteel-looking Alyce Alston, ceo of DeBeers, with another equally attractive woman.

29: Wonderfully friendly and unassuming Deb Shriver (hot-shot at Hearst), wearing a chic black ruffly blouse. She was with a woman in a white satin jacket, who we later learned was Liz Keplow. We heard they were discussing things digital. “In the old days, I knew a magazine was closing because I’d read it on the wires,” said Shriver. “These days, I know before the wires do because I’m getting resumes before it’s been reported!” Deb, let in on those scoops, will ya?

Tita Cahn, widow of Sammy Cahn. She’s known as “the best hostess in LA.”

Mitch Cannold, president and ceo Max Worldwide

Please write LaurelT AT mediabistro DOT com if you would like to correct the record above. Thanks!!!

Map of Michael’s