Lunch at Michael’s: Michael Eisner Eats Lunch In This Town Again

What to lead this dispatch with today? A weather report? (It was muggy.) A few pithy lines that create the illusion that today’s random assortment of media execs all have something in common? (Sorry, not feeling it.) Let’s ditch the preamble for once and get to it:

Table 1: Consultant and ex-NBC exec Vic Garvey held court at a full table of beautiful women and at least one gentleman, all of whom resisted our efforts at identification.

2. Peter Brown of Brown Lloyd James, lunching with his partner and fellow regular Michael Holtzman

3. Nightline co-anchor Cynthia McFadden, seated with someone whose back was to us.

4. Michael Eisner was here in the corner, with his back to the wall (it’s good to see he hasn’t abandoned his old habits) with the New York Post’s mogul watcher, Tim Arango. The third gentleman at the table was Eisner’s minder for the day, Robert Zimmerman of Dan Klores Communications. (Eisner doesn’t have Zenia Mucha to scream at reporters on his behalf anymore, you know.)

5. Gil Schwartz and David Zinczenko, no doubt plotting to collaborate on their respective next books, which we like to think would be called “The Bullshit Abs Diet,” or something along those lines.

6. “Lunch at Michael’s” competitor Jack Myers, surrounded by his associates — smartly dressed women in their mid-20s.

7. Patrick Murphy, the VP of the fashion and retail division of the NYC Economic Development Corporation, seated with Kurt Gilman of PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Patrick came over to say hello to us, “us” being Greg Lindsay and Jessica Horn, a civilian just passing through town on her way to South Africa. She can apparently pass for Laurel, because that’s who Patrick thought he was at last meeting.

8. David Patrick Columbia, as always, although he didn’t arrive until well after one o’clock, causing us to recall a scene in the original “Sex and the City” where an empty chair at some celebrity’s table threatens to tip all of Bowery Bar into chaos: “It’s not just empty: It’s alluringly, temptingly, tauntingly, provocatively empty. It’s so empty that it’s more full than any other chair in the place. And then, just when the chair’s emptiness threatens to cause a scene,” DPC walks in. He was here with Kim Akhtar of Garde Robe.

9. We need some help with this one, as it was smack dab in our blind spot.

10. Archpublicist Lynn Goldberg sat here with literary agent Ira Silverberg, who was explaining to Lynn on their way out how, exactly, her name was going to end up floating in the blogosphere this afternoon.

12. A table of AOL alumni:’s Jesse Kornbluth who once was editorial director at AOL, with p.r. strategist Wendy Goldberg, and former AOL SVP Marshall Cohen, now partner at the Pilot Group.

14. CNBC’s new VP of business news, Jonathan Wald, as constant as the sun setting in the West … behind Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

15. We’re told this was Peter Wolf‘s table, but I don’t think it was this one. Which Wolf (or Wolfe) was it?

16. Gerry Imber’s crew: Greenfield, Della Femina, you know the rest.

17. Sirius Satellite Radio consultant Walter Sabo, with Advanced Media Ventures managing director Shelly Palmer, who’s also the author of the new book Television Disrupted.

18. Henry Schleiff, in hiding alone the wall. How could we have been so foolish as to think for even a second that he wasn’t there today?

19. Civilians. Nothing to see here, move along.

20. WNBC’s Jane Hanson with Michael’s regular Gerry Byrne.

21. Chris Meigher and his nephew, whose name we might have missed, but not the fact that he’s apparently interning at Conde Nast this summer. (Why isn’t he working at Quest, like his uncle, or his cousin Elizabeth?)

22. Jose Cancela, founder of the National Hispanic Radio Network, and former Miami mayoral candidate.

23. McGarry Bowen music director Hunter Murtaugh and Brian Dugan, one of which was wearing head-to-toe seersucker today, our first lunch sighting of the season.

24. Trend spotter Bettina Zilkha with Debbie Bancroft.

25. Morris Reed.

26. Movie producer Beverly Camhe with her friend, publicist, and our lunch date last week, Chris Taylor.

27. Jim Mitchell and Connie Young

28 and 29. Please tell us.

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Map of Michael’s