Lunch at Michael’s: Lee Iacocca, Norm Pearlstine and Editor Overflow

Lunch at Michael’s is apparently impervious to weather, the seasons, and any other extraneous factors that extend beyond our little media bubble. The HuffPo’s Rachel Sklar emailed us a lament to that effect this morning: “Of course there’s no availability today — in mid August! So, sadly I won’t see you. So sad!”

But then there she was at Table 3, just in time for the second seating. We were relegated to back room, “we” in this case being myself and Radar‘s Jeff Bercovici, who was taking a break from hunting down and publishing gossipy bits that no one outside of Radar itself will ever see, because the site is now set to relaunch sometime after Labor Day.

But the garden was the place to be, it seemed. Sitting in relative Siberia with us were Maxim publisher Rob Gregory and his former, still-scruffy general manager Andy Clerkson (who apparently hasn’t moved to England yet); CondeNet editorial director Jamie Pallot, who was lunching with uber-publicist Vanessa von Bismarck and a third companion; and Women’s Wear Daily editor-in-chief Ed Nardoza, who was surprised to see two previous generations of “Memo Pad” columnists appear out of nowhere. But then we retired to the bar for coffee to bring you the roll call:

Table 1: A full table co-chaired by legendary Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca and Simon & Schuster CEO Jack Romanos.

2: Former Warner Bros. and ABC executive Ed Bleier with who we did not know.

3. The New Republic and New York Sun backer Roger Hertog with Howard Rubenstein on the first shift, followed by Rachel Sklar and David Folkenflik of NPR on the second.

4. Former Time Inc. editor-in-chief and current Carlyle Group adviser Norman Pearlstine with (we think, but couldn’t confirm) Time Inc. co-COO John Squires.

5. Speaking of former top Time Warner execs, former HBO chief Michael Fuchs was just a table away, lunching with Steven Sheffer (spelling?)

6. Hachette Filipacchi CEO Jack Kliger with his PR chief Anne Janas and a third gentlemen, whom Jeff was convinced was a senior somebody at Reuters.

7. Esquire’s David Granger, looking cool in a glorious glen plaid suit, lunching with Joanna Coles, the new-ish editor of Marie Claire. None of us had seen her first issue yet, including Granger (“I don’t know why they don’t send us issues,” he protested, but considering it’s due to appear on newsstands today, Joanna commanded us to buy it. Considering how risky Maggie Gyllenhaal is as a cover subject, she might need us to.)

8. David Patrick Columbia is back (and do not miss Choire Sicha’s “Being John Malkovich”-style peek into the mind of DPC in today’s New York Observer) was here with an unidentified gentleman.

9. Jack Myers, as always, with “Television Disrupted” author Shelly Palmer.

11. Hearst Magazines’ chief marketing officer (and adventure photographer) Michael Clinton was here with someone we didn’t spot. Archpolitico Jay Kriegel took the second seating.

12. Today, we dunno.

14. Longtime chairman of The Shubert Organization Gerald Schoenfeld, who has a theater named after him that just happens to be the home of the new “A Chorus Line” revival arriving on Broadway next month.

15. CNBC SVP Jonathan Wald having a tete-a-tete with The New York Times’ Andrew Sorkin.

16. Literary agent Freddy Freedman.

17. Fashion designer Steven Stolman with the recently arrived-in-town Jim Weinberg.

18. Today’s Al Roker together with Today chief (and MSNBC troubleshooter) Phil Griffin.

19. Chanel’s EVP of fashion, Barbara Cirkva.

20. Here’s where it starts to get hazy… No idea who was here.

21. David Poltrack, the EVP of research and planning at CBS.

22. We heard the “finance minister of Italy” was presiding over this table, but without further details (there’s been some turmoil in that post in the last year or so, you see) we’re reluctant to name a name.

23.Jane publisher Carlos Lamadrid.

24. Attorney Jordan Ringel.

25. Actress and two-time Oscar nominee (for Best Supporting Actress) Sylvia Miles.

26. Playboy’s table, featuring editorial director Chris Napolitano, fashion director Joseph De Acetis and an unidentified woman.

27. The Gerry Ember Gang, featuring Jerry Della Femina and Joel Siegel today, among others at the table.

28. Showtime PR chief Stu Zakim, who warned us to keep an eye on upcoming issues of Rolling Stone It seems the cable channel has inserted extremely authentic-smelling scent strips supporting the show “Weeds” into the magazine. Think of it as a public service for all the high school kids in this world who have yet to come near the stuff. Zakim was here with Vicky Kahn of Court TV.

29. No one. Somehow, despite everyone clamoring for a table in the garden, this one was never seated.

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