Lunch at Michael’s: Frosted Equinox

It’s the longest day of the year and just another quiet Wednesday at Michael’s. You know, Brokaw, Diller and other luminaries with the power to move millions (of eyeballs, dollars and maybe even hearts). The room was frosty — we kept our jacket on and the staff wore wool — but that was just the A.C. Cindi Leive warmly chatted up a team of top editors at the alcove table, a former senator named Kerrey held court in the back room, and the normal piles of fries were left atop plates (does anyone ever finish them?) after well-heated burgers were consumed. None of the regulars seemed concerned that the Hartford Courant‘s version of the L.A. Times piece lionizing the bistro left in the spectacle, but cut out their names.

“It must be Wednesday,” we heard Michael say over the buzz. Here’s the lowdown and the layout of lunch at our favorite midtown eatery:

Table 1: Glamour EIC Cindi Leive and a bevy of other top editors, including Teen Vogue‘s Amy Astley and an editor we think we recognized from Men’s Health.

2. Jack Myers with two gentlemen.

3. Terry Kramer, an heir to the Allen & Co. fortune, with Billy Joel’s publicist, Claire Mercuri.

4. Our old friend Jon Alter (has it really been 23 years since he joined Newsweek?) who hawked his new book on FDR’s first 100 days, joined by Tom Brokaw in his newly-relaxed tieless guise, and George Stevens (sp?).

5. Barry Diller with a handsomely suited youngish dark-haired gent we didn’t recognize. Diller, and others (see below) came over to hob and knob with Brokaw.

6. New Yorker publisher Lou Cona.

7. John McCoy with, we think, Brendan Hoffman. Later seating was apparently Scott Greenstein of Sirius radio.

8. Jolie Hunt, dutifully reading today’s issue of her own Financial Times before being joined by David Patrick Columbia, looking very spiffy in a light suit and blue tie.

9. PR expert Maury Rogoff.

11. Book publicist Lynn Goldberg with her assistant.

12. Marshall Cohen with Jack Wakshlag, chief research officer, Turner Broadcasting, Amanda Welsh, SVP, IMMI, Inc. and Lynn Vavreck, IMMI, Inc. (Thanks, Marshall!)

14. Howard Rubenstein and guest.

15. Bullshitter-in-chief Gil Schwartz who chided companion David Hirshey, New York’s newly minted soccer rebbe, with a call for North Korea to win the World Cup. Hirshey couldn’t stop crowing about how his Harper Collins team beat ABC in the recent media soccer tourney championship, 4-3, with a goal in the last minute, and that HC author Luke Dempsey kicked one in.

16. Nick Verbitsky and guest, we’re told. Gil gave them an effusive “hello.”

17. CNBC’s VP of business news, Jonathan Wald with Soledad O’Brien.

18. Stanley Jaffe. Elizabeth Harrison?

19. Diane Sokolow.

20. Beverly Shell of Primedia.

21 IMAX co-chief Rich Gelfond.

22. Magazine marvel Don Welsh and a guest.

23. Bob Barnett, known as the lawyer who repped President Clinton to his gazillion-dollar book deal, and who both scared and pleased us by not only knowing who we were but also saying he gets all his news from mediabistro. He’d come over to say “hi” to Brokaw while we were chatting with Alter.

24. Myrna Greenberg and a few companions. Greenberg waved a book at Brokaw on her way to the back.

25. Sports Illustrated editor Terry McDonnell with Sarah Plimpton (George’s widow and sometimes former editor).

26. Rob Weisbach, president and CEO of Miramax Books, with Miramax author Mitchell Fink. They’d left a copy of Fink’s new book, The Last Days of Dead Celebrities, at the front.

27. Domino magazine PR director Amy Peck with editor-in-chief Deborah Needleman.

28. Trish Peters.

29. Kate White of Cosmo.

30. Civilians?

53. In the back room we spotted Bob Kerrey with, was it Phil Scatarro?

Greg was trapped on a beach-laden island (that’s rough), and Laurel was too much in demand, so we sat at the bar and absorbed it all. Which means for this installment, you should send any and all corrections, additions, and what-have-you to Dorian AT mediabistro DOT Com and to FishbowlNY AT mediabistro DOT Com.


Map of Michael’s