Lunch at Michael’s: Dominick Dunne and lit pals

We’re back and so is Loreal, the lovely Main Pixie at the front desk who, awhile back (3 mos. exactly), took off for maternity leave. It’s not too late to get her daughter that ADORABLE outfit you saw at the baby store in Soho. Go ahead, splurge. We sat so close to Dominick Dunne, we could almost taste his calamari. Here’s more:

Table 1: Mogul Ron Perelman with we believe Deb Shriver, of Hearst. But we are not positive. We know she was there today, but we don’t know what table. [A little birdie later wrote: “Perelman was with his number one man Howard Gittis.” Sorry, Deb!]

2: Gorgeous elfin-looking guy in brown suit. Youngish. With Trudie Styler (the wife ‘o Sting the music man Sting), and another fella. Peter Brown?

3: Esquire‘s eic David Granger with three other burly guys, who we later discover were David Bell, Sean Cassidy (who works for PR firm Dan Klores) and calico-headed Rob Shuter. Shuter glad-handed Maurie Perl (Table 6), by the way.

4: Lit agent Esther Newberg and Frank Rich.

5: Gil Schwartz with two guys, one in a Scott Donaton-style blue-striped shirt (see Table 26). [A little birdie later writes: The guy in the blue shirt was Bill Phillips, Deputy Editor at Men’s Health. The third guy was Zachary Schisgal, Executive Editor of Rodale Books. Love these little birdies!]

6: The Harpies are at it again! Maurie Perl and a gaggle of gals. Four total, to be exact. Weren’t sure who was who. Need help!

7: ? Couldn’t see over there.

8: David Patrick Columbia with an unknown woman. [Wait, a little birdie writes: “DPC was with Alice Mason, the empress of high end real estate brokers — the lady who wrote the book.”]

11: Jack Romanos with blonde woman.

12: Myrna Blyth in Tahari, with a gal in a leopard jacket that is glittery and has a zipper. We later discover her name is Marie Englehart (sp?). They’re with a fellow named Mr. Bell. Gil Schwartz (Table 5) made a point of going over to shake Marie’s hand. Then, upon discovering Myrna there said “Oh! this makes perfect sense.” We would like to know what he meant by that.

New Table. No number: Two people. One a dapper guy in a houndstooth suit, with a woman? The man knew Dominick Dunne (Table 16) and went over to say hi. Woman is writer Amy Collins? [A little birdie later wrote: Amy Fine Collins was with Alex Hitz.]

Ron Perelman was with his number one man Howard Gittis

I think Trudie Styler was with Peter Brown (grey hair — most often at that table).

14: Alice Mayhew with uber-author James Stewart.

15: At David Hirshey‘s regular spot, with David, natch; Stefan Friedman (son of Jane Friedman), Political columnist at NY Post, with Democrat
strategist Hank Scheinkopf . Sheinkopf seemed to be in the midst of a very important conference call (literally) when he arrived. He still had his headset on and he seemed kind of teed off, daying “What I don’t want is 50 venders there!”

16: Very urbane-looking gent in grey pinstriped suit and tortoise-shell eyeglasses, eagerly consuming The Globe. It was a big scoop: “I know who killed Chandra…” Oh, wait, that gent is Dominick Dunne!! He dined with a very very attractive young man who we later learn is photographer Jason Bell. They each ordered the same appetizer…

17: Woman with short blonde bob, sitting with another woman in a suit, the woolly checked pattern that is so fashionable right now.

18: Another distinguished gent with a band-aid on his left hand, hair slicked back, nice hunky, square-shaped watch. Blue shirt, pin-striped suit, spotted tie. Joined by a woman in a see-through lace blouse, brown. Later, two others joined them.

19: This was our table. We were with the delightful Hilary Black, formerly of MORE magazine. She is now available to work at your magazine. She’s a literary chick, so send that kind of stuff her way. Essay Editor. That’s what she’d like to do, not just at women’s mags. How about you, Esquire?

20: ?

21: Don Welsh with a money guy.

22: Two women, one wearing a Pucci-scarf.

23: Steve Kappas, NBC News, with Bob Barnett, uber agent. Friends or a book deal in the works?

24: Four women and a guy. We later discover, they are Vin Cipolla, head of the National Park Foundation (wearing Hickey Freeman), Nancy Bechtel, who’s vice-chair, Jessica Murphy (in Trudy) and Marcia Lamb.

25: ?

26: Hot Scott Donaton, of Ad Age, in trademark blue suit and blue-striped shirt, which could be Paul Smith. He was dining with political advisor and NYU prof Mitchell L. Moss, who exclaimed “I read that site,” when Scott informed him who we were with.

27: Four people. Two women, three guys. Out of towners, we believe.

28: ?

29: Two women in suits and matching hair of different colors; wait, one of them is Ellen Levine! Hi, Ellen!

Back room:

Neal Boulton
Bill Bradlee
Diane Stefani

[A little birdie writes that David Moyer, of Moyer, Sherwood Associates, was at Table 36; The birdie also reported that some huge French tennis star was there, Nick Fourtier (sp?)]

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