Lunch at Michael’s: Brokaw & Burns Break Bread

The scene at 55th & Fifth was bustling as always thanks to one iconic newsman (we always sit up a little straighter when Tom Brokaw is in the room), a mix of movie moguls and the usual roundup of public relations pitchmen and women. Peggy Siegal did her usual flitting from table to table (We have to ask: what was up with that rugby striped mini dress, muffler and corduroy jacket? Homage to the Love Story era Ali McGraw, perhaps?). Paramount CEO Brad Grey did his share of glad-handing. It was introductions all around at the SRO bar, too. Michael‘s wife Kim McCarty made the acquaintance of lunchtime chronicler Diane Clehane and chatted about the couple’s upcoming trip to Paris to visit their daughter, Clancy. Bon Voyage!

Here’s a rundown of today’s menu:

1. A table of distinguished looking gentlemen including ad man Jerry Della Femina and Good Morning America‘s Joel Siegel.

2. Peter Brown and guest.

3. Ben Silverman and Matt Blank.

4. Steve Rubenstein and guests.

5. Herb Siegal

6. Leslie Stevens of LaForce & Stevens and two unidentified fashionistas.

7. Marc Victor (Happy Birthday!), producer Amy Rosenblum and Giada De Laurentiis. The Food Network hottie has been sitting on Today‘s couch as a substitute chatter during the show’s third hour. “She’s doing great!” says the always affable Marc.

8. New York Social Diary‘s David Patrick Columbia and Alice Mason.

9. Peggy Siegal.

10. Gerry Inzerillo and guest.

11. CBS Newsman Maurice DuBois (Who knew he was so tall?) and hotelier Jonathan Tisch, whose new book, Chocolates on the Pillow Aren’t Enough, offers his take what it takes to make it in the hospitality industry. Do tell …

12. Gerry Byrne and his stunning wife, Liz. We were introduced by our good pal Lisa Silhanek, IGM’s director of fashion, who has known this New York power couple “forever.” Thanks!

14. Tom Brokaw and wife Meredith listening with rapt attention to guest Ken Burns throughout lunch. Just wondering what era the authors of The Greatest Generation and The Civil War, respectively were talking about.

15. Martha Stewart Omnimedia’s Susan Lyne and Hearst’s top guy George Green — talking about …?

16. Nikki Haskell.

17. Brad Grey, fresh off the Sopranos premiere blowout at Radio City last night. Here’s a bit of industry trivia: Did you know that the Bronx-born Hollywood hotshot’s first client when he was an agent was Bob Saget? Now you do.

18. The gorgeous cherry blossom arrangement blocked our view.

19. Author Pamela Clarke Keogh (in jeans!) with People‘s Liz McNeil.

20. Lynn Goldberg & Joan Gelman.

21. Victor Neufeld.

22. We couldn’t see …

23. Ed Bleir.

24. Those darn cherry blossoms …

25. Ditto.

26. Sherry Rollins and guest.

27. Tommy LiPuma, who, we’re told, produced Diana Krall‘s latest CD.

28. Barry Landau.

29. Stuart Rekant.

See you next week …

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