Lunch at Michael’s: A Pair of Jonathans, A Pair of Rubensteins, A Gerry and a Jerry

It was a quiet, rainy Wednesday at Michael’s. While standing at the bar while waiting for our table, we watched the regulars pop their umbrellas as they disembarked from town cars, like petals on a wet, black bough. (We also chatted with Ed Koller of the Howard Sloan Keller Group, Scott Schiller of Glamcom, and spotted IAG COO Beth Haggerty.) The star wattage was relatively low, with all the action having happened yesterday, or so we heard — Ben Stiller, Elvis Costello, Iman, and Andre Leon Talley with the last pair lunching together. What did we have today?

Table 1: 7th on Sixth executive director Fern Mallis presiding over a full table of executives from Shangri-La Hotels. The luxury hotel group (the Avis to Mandarin Oriental’s Hertz) has projects underway in Chicago, Miami and Las Vegas, but nothing announced so far in New York. Perhaps that’s about to change?

2. Brown Lloyd James executive vice president Michael Holtzman and his lunch date.

3. Michael’s flagship pair of Jonathans — CNBC/NBC News Jonanthan Wald and Loews CEO Jonathan Tisch — decided to lunch here together today.

4. William Morris literary agent Owen Laster held down the corner table with a gentleman we didn’t recognize.

5. The New York Times’ brand new TV beat reporter, Ed Wyatt, was in town from LA for a lunch meeting with Showtime CEO Matt Blank, while keeping watch at the table was the very capable Stu Zakim.

6. The usual lunch crew of plastic surgeon extraordinaire Gerry Ember, including adman/Hamptons restauranteur Jerry Della Femina, CNN’s Jeff Greenfield, the New York Daily News’ Michael Kramer and another gentleman we couldn’t ID.

7. Court TV chairman Henry Schleiff, dressed in a sober, dark blue suit that practically matched his table mate’s, bearing a plastic bag emblazoned with a Court TV logo that contained … what, swag?

8. As always, David Patrick Columbia’s table, who was there today with a beautiful blond of a certain age who we were told was Southern, fabulous, and fabulously wealthy. Since this is a media column, we’ll leave her name out of it.

9. Media Village’s Jack Myers, who was eventually joined by TV Guide publisher Scott Crystal. (Question for discussion: once the Hearst Tower cafeteria opens, will Hearst execs vanish from Michael’s in the same way Condé Nast execs largely vanished from 44 at The Royalton?)

11. Ian Spiegelman’s least favorite person in the world, uber-publicist Howard Rubenstein sat here lunching with his son, fellow publicist Steven. The resident publicist at our table today, the lovely Chris Taylor dropped in to ask whether they do this often. “No,” Howard said.

12. A pair of Bloombergers — Lori Hoffman and Bloomberg News morning anchor Brian Sullvian were here with with Betsy Perry of the Milken Institute (who’s also the co-author of the forthcoming What Every Daughter Wants Their Mom to Know.

14. We heard a couple of names associated with the boutique i-bank Allen & Co. but none that checked out after rigorous fact-checking, except…

15. …Herb Allen III, who was apparently sitting here with another gentleman.

16. Shop Etc.’s tag-team at the top, editor-in-chief Mandi Norwood and publisher Cynthia Lewis lunched here with a third woman we didn’t recognize, but who was no doubt an advertiser.

17. South African hotel and casino magnate Howard “Butch” Kerzner (his father built the Sun City resort near Durban) held down this table with a woman we didn’t recognize.

18. Jeffrey Leeds, the man-about-town and co-founder of private equity firm Leeds Weld & Co. had lunch today with MTV Networks big-thinker John Sykes.

20. In town from Houston, legendary hostess Becca Cason Thrash held court from here.

21. Long-time Democratic fundraiser Toni Goodale.

23. Our table today, we being Greg Lindsay, “intrepid little lady”Laurel Touby and Ron Perelman’s PR chief (and our host) Chris Taylor, who was also our source of all the bold-faced names we’d missed yesterday.

24. Old-school ad man Martin Puris.

25. Attorney Jordan Ringel with former Amnesty International director Jack Healy and his son, John

27. Jim Mitchell’s table.

29. The Financial Times’ Gary Silverman and publicist Jolie Hunt.

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Map of Michael’s