Lunch at Michael’s: a bi-partisan day

Henry Kissinger and Barbara Walters were snuggled up against the wall at Table 4. Arthur Schlesinger Jr. was rubbing elbows with William Vanden Heuvel on 18 and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough (former Republican Congressman in Florida and now the face of Scarborough Country) was copacetically scarfing souffle with his star exec producer on 28. In short, the political fur wasn’t exactly flying today. Tables are in random, make that whimsically random order.

Table 1: Jack Myers, author of The Jack Myers report and founder of, was looking very dashing at the head table, in dark blue suit, pink striped shirt and (bold choice!) matching pink tie. He was with Jack Kliger (who had breakfast at Michael’s on Tuesday), CEO of Hachette, and with the Cover Girl of At Home With Chris Madden magazine (she looks exactly like she does in the picture), and husband Kevin.

Table 3: Hotel tycoon Jerry Inzerillo with someone we couldn’t identify.

Table 4: Henry Kissinger with Barbara Walters looking very put-together as always in a pale beige-y suit.

Table 5: Showtime’s Matt Blank with Abbie Raven, president of A&E Networks.

Table 7: We have no idea. Help!

8: David Patrick Columbia, New York Social Diary, with NO socialites today. Instead, he dined with an actress, Elizabeth Irene, and Greg Williams, a novelist.

21: Quest Magazine publisher Chris Meigher with someone we don’t know.

24: Dan Sheffey,

Table 28: A very exciting table. Who ever said genteel men don’t eat souffles. These two ordered strawberry rhubarb and chocolate whipped egg concoctions as soon as they hit their seats. Joe Scarborough, anchor of Scarborough Country (and very attractive in his pale blue shirt and salmon tie), was dining with his executive producer, Matt Saal (formerly of CNN, George magazine and other places). Interestingly, we overheard them discussing ratings. This part of the conversation is OFF THE RECORD, so don’t tell anyone what we heard, but apparently, Joe is pretty pleased with Matt’s work. He was raving about the fact that the last 3 out of 4 months since Matt’s been there, Scarborough Country has been the highest-rated show on MSNBC….

Table 22: We were here with hunky Matt Hiltzik, former NY Democratic Party Spokesman (Hillary C went to his wedding :). He has just left Harvey Weinstein’s side and is now the master-mind behind PR giant Freud PR’s US onslaught. Watch out, all you celebrity/entertainment PR firms. It’s the new UK invasion! Lisa Dallos joined in on the fun.

Table 29: Ad Age’s Scott Donaton, in a Hugo Boss suit and a blue/black striped Etro-inspired Banana Republic shirt, joined Ian Birch, editor in chief of TV Guide, in a seersucker jacket, black shirt and trousers. Ian has an enchanting Irish lilt of an accent, but we weren’t able to catch much of what was said over there.

Table 12: Walter Sabo, of Sirius radio, with Michael Yee and two other people who we weren’t able to identify.

Table 14: Michael Gross and Howard Rubenstein. Need we explain?

Table 8: David Patrick Columbia, New York Social Diary, with a well-coiffed woman in a beige suit with white trim. Which socialite this week?

Table 6: Wayne Kabak, co-chief operating officer (CCOO) of William Morris Agency with Sean Cassidy, of Dan Klores.

Table 15: Uber Agent Ed Victor in a beige suit and light blue shirt, witih David Hirshey (at Hirshey’s regular table).

Table 17: Jason Oliver Nixon, editor of Gotham and Hamptons magazines, wearing a dark blue striped short-sleeved shirt and funky eyewear. He was with Maurie Perl, of Conde Nast, who was in a dusky pink sweater set and had on a bulky wooden bracelet.

Table 20: Deb Shriver, head of Corp Communications for Hearst Magazines, was with a fellow whose name we couldn’t quite catch.

Table 11: The Children’s Television Workshop’s Sherrie Westin and Amanda Burden, Charlie Rose‘s former girlfriend, and currently head of the City Planning Commission.

Table 16: Us Weekly’s table. Janice Min was heading it up, with staffers Lori Majewski and Bradley (formerly known as BJ) Sigesmund. Lori was wearing a pale blue blouse and beige suit. Accompanying them: Amanda Lundberg and Robert Garlick, both of The Dart Group.

Table 18: Arthur Schlesinger Jr. with William Vanden Heuvel and a woman we didn’t recognize.

Table 19: Lucky publisher Sandy Golinkin with Pamela Baxter, president of Christian Dior Fragrance.

Seen (don’t know which table) : Nora ??? of Time inc. and William Lauder of you know where.

Table 26: Travel & Leisure‘s Nancy Novograd with Barbara Cirvka, Executive Vice President, Chanel Inc.

Table 27: Four male and very serious designers, we suspect. Alan St. George, John Bartlett and two others.

Table 24: Joan Parker (sp?), of De Beers. She was in hot pink with dangling, what else?, diamond earrings.

Table 23: NATAS chieftain Peter O. Price was dining with Mona Mangan, exec director of Writers Guild East.

Table 25: Keith Estabrook (formerly of Sony) and now with Estabrook Group, was with Samantha Critchell, of the AP and Jameel Spencer of Rocawear.

Back room sighting:
Dominique Browning

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