Lunch at….AMC: Flight Edition

So, we missed the Lunch at Michael’s edition this week because we were running around hosting this fabulous Women’s Magazine Editor Dinner instead. We feel guilty, very guilty about this. So, we had our spies fly back on the planes with certain American Magazine Conference (AMC) media honchos and mark down where they were seated. We hope you enjoy this special edition of Lunch at…AMC: Flight Edition.


JetBlue flight 704, 8 pm out of San Juan. Airbus, 26 Rows or so, 6 Seats across. [we will endeavor to get the “Jet Blue Map”]

Ross Fadner &#151 the mediapost guy: 11F (window right)
Randall Lane &#151 12A, window left (Trader Monthly)
Jeff Berkovici &#151 13C, aisle left (WWD)
Diane Silberstein &#151 14A (Playboy)
Mystery dude (older, sad face)&#15117C
Tony Elliot? (TIME OUT)&#151 23C
Christopher Napolitano &#151 24D (Playboy)

American Airlines 1732, 2:10 PM, San Juan PR to JFK
October 18 2005

3B Nancy Novogrod (Travel & Leisure)
4A Michael Behringer (Apprise)
4B Charles McCurdy (Apprise)
4C Ed Kelly (Amex)
4D Bob Miller (Miller)
5B Ed Koller (Howard Sloan Koller)
6E John Hartig (Hearst)

Other AMCers were there but not identified

Our Flight, American Airlines
October 18, 2005, 8 pm San Juan to JFK

4A Tom Ryder (Reader’s Digest)
18F Laurel Touby (
18E Jon Fine (BW)

We were sleepy and didn’t make it around the plane to identify more people. Sorry. But to make it up to you, we will list all the people WE MET, met up with, or wanted to meet at the AMC Conference (but not what they were wearing or eating or discussing):

John B. Abbott, President & CEO, Yoga Journal
Michela O’Connor Abrams, President & Publisher, Dwell
Dan Ambrose, Managing Director, corp.
Andy Amill, Publisher, Weight Watchers Magazine
Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, Wired
Paul Audino, Ad Director, The Ad Age Group [we almost sat together at lunch!]

Florian Bachleda, Design Director, Vibe [we sat together at lunch; he’s adorable!!!]
Elizabeth Baker Keffer, Publisher, The Atlantic Monthly [we adore Elizabeth. She’s good people.]
Michael Behringer, SVP, Development, Apprise Media LLC
Jeff Bercovici, Media Reporter, Women’s Wear Daily [he’s a charmer; and he dresses far better now that he’s at WWD]
Mary Berner, President/CEO, Fairchild Publications Inc. [heard she was a fantastic manager. Would love to meet her!]

Jim Berrien, President & Publisher, Forbes Magazine
Ted Biedron, General Manager, Chicago Magazine
Cathie Black, President, Hearst Magazines [we saw her in her PJ’s. We watched Atoosa’s show in her suite. It was a PJ party!]
Michael Brownstein, Senior Vice President, Meredith Corporation
Andy Buchholtz, Managing Director, Veronis Suhler Stevenson
Larry Burke, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, Outside
Deborah Burns, Publisher, ELLEGirl

David Carey, President, Business Group, Cond&#233 Nast [we like him a lot; he’s quite savvy and has great taste in eyewear]
Sarah Chubb, President, CondeNet
Cathy Chute, Publisher, Harvard Magazine
Michael Clinton, Executive VP, Hearst Magazines [he’s cute and smart, too]
Steve Cohn, Editor-in-Chief, Media Industry Newsletter [liked his conference issue of MIN. Well done!]
Pat Colander, Associate Publisher/Specialty, Lee Enterprises/The Times of NWI [she just got a new job. Congrats, Pat! She sent Jon and me “Lake Mag”-inscribed towels for our wedding. Thank you!]
Stephen Colvin, President & CEO, Dennis Publishing, Inc. [he’s fun!]
Kelly Conlin, President and CEO no more, PRIMEDIA Inc. [he just stopped working at Primedia. We would like to know what really happened.]
Patrick Connor, Chairman, HCUK
Jim Cooper, Managing Editor, Mediaweek
Matthew Cooper, White House Correspondent, Time Inc. [we met him at a cocktail party; he’s a riot; dry wit]
Michael Cordsen, President & CEO, Bonnier Publications A/S
Ana Marie Cox, Founder, [she’s fun and cute, too. She likes to shake things up; the magazine people don’t know whether to worship or despise her]
Cathy Cranston, Publisher, Harvard Business Review [she’s fantastic!]

Jonathan Dahl, Executive Editor, SmartMoney [we went on one date a long time ago]
Karen Danziger, Executive Vice President, The Howard-Sloan-Koller Group [we almost “dated,” in the business sense of the word :)]
Jill Davison, Senior Director, Corporate Com, American Express Publishing Corp. [she’s patient]
Lara Deam, Founder/Owner, Dwell [LOVE dwell]
Jeffrey Dearth, Partner, DeSilva & Phillips [Dearth is such a made up name!]
Yvonne DeFrancesco, Group Publisher/ Executive Vice President, Air Age Media [we met at the last conference]
Hugh Delehanty, Editor-in-Chief, AARP Publications
Russell Denson, DMI, LLC [LOVE russell. He was heading up G&J. We’ve had lunch at Michael’s. Someone needs to snap this guy up]
Roland DeSilva, Managing Partner, DeSilva & Phillips [personality plus]
Scott Donaton, Editor, Advertising Age [he’s been mentioned before]

Michelle Ebanks, President, Essence Communications Inc.
Mark Edmiston, Managing Director, AdMedia Partners, Inc.
Tony Elliott, Chairman, Time Out Group [we admire and respect him]
Paula Escobar, Editora de Revistas, El Mercurio

Ross Fadner, Mediapost [wait, I thought Ken Fadner was the big guy at mediapost???]
Julie Farin, Director, Public Relations, Inside TV
Joseph Fava, National Accounts Manager, Getty Images
Denise Favorule, SVP, Managing Director, Rodale Inc. [great on a panel]
Wright Ferguson, Executive Vice President/ Publisher, Adweek
Dana Fields, President and Executive Publisher, FHM
Doug Fierro, President & CEO, WMI
Angelo Figueroa, Editorial Director, Tu Ciudad
Jon Fine, Media Columnist, BusinessWeek [great all around]
Geri FitzGerald, Publisher, Mediaweek
Matthew Flamm, Senior Reporter, Crain’s New York Business [we’ve seen this boy grow up over the years]
Sean Flanagan, VP, Worldwide Publisher, National Geographic
Mary French, Editor-in-Chief, Army Magazine
Jon Friedman, Media Web columnist, MarketWatch [we love you, Jon]

Nancy Gagliardi, Editorial Director, Weight Watchers Magazine [great on a panel]
Steve Giannetti, VP/ Group Publisher, National Geographic Magazines [warm, sweet guy &#151 and cute, too!]
Lisa Granatstein, Editor, Mediaweek
Earl Graves, President & COO, Black Enterprise Magazine [very impressive guy]
George Green, President & CEO, Hearst Magazines International
John Griffin, President, Magazine Group, National Geographic Magazine Group
Adam Gross, VP, Marketing & Communications, The Jordan, Edmiston Group [he’s a go-getter! And cute]
Philippe Guelton, Executive Vice President and COO, Hachette Filipacchi Media

Glenn Hansen, President & CEO, BPA Worldwide
John Hayes, CMO, American Express Company
Christie Hefner, Chairman & CEO, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. [we can tell she’s warm and cuddly on the inside; but she has to play it tough]
Joan Henderson, Publisher, Oklahoma Today
Peter Herbst, Editor-in-Chief, Premiere [we love Peter]
Jacqueline Hernandez-Fallous, Publisher, People en Espanol
Andrew Hersam, VP/Publisher, Runner’s World [he’s quick on his feet]
Sid Holt, Editorial Director, VNU Business Media [we would like to hire him]
Gordon Hughes, President and CEO, American Business Media [he’s a big flirt]

Tony Imperato, VP, Associate Publisher, TV Guide
Nat Ives, Media Reporter, Advertising Age [the big play on his name is natives, if you didn’t know]

Josh Jackson, Editor, Paste Magazine [he’s adorable. The new generation of magazine-industry person. We approve]
Chris Johns, Editor-in-Chief, National Geographic
Yolanda Jordana, Publisher, Shape En Espa&#241ol

Marlene Kahan, Executive Director, ASME [she’s doing good works &#151 and looks BETTER than ever!]
Mel Karmazin, CEO, Sirius Satellite Radio [he has very big dark brows, like Groucho]
Bob Kelly, Publisher, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
Ed Kelly, President & CEO, American Express Publishing Corp. [we LOVE Ed. He’s a world traveler]
Jim Kelly, Managing Editor, TIME [we LOVE Jim and his big bouffy hair]
Keith Kelly, Media Ink Columnist, New York Post [Keith, well, we love Keith, too!]
Pat Kenealy, CEO, International Data Group [we think this guy is really really smart and doing interesting things internationally. Watch him.]
Bill Kerr, Chairman & CEO, Meredith Corporation
Ann Marie Kerwin, Assistant Managing Editor, News, Advertising Age [Jon Fine’s old boss. She scooped us on printing that George Lois speech. Ann Marie sure is quick to grab a speech from a guy’s hand.]
Michael Kinsley, Washington Post [he was dying to meet us, we just know]
Matt Kinsman, Managing Editor, Folio:
Jack Kliger, President & CEO, Hachette Filipacchi Media [he’s bigger than life; likes good wine]
Mike Klingensmith, Executive Vice President, Time Inc.
Ed Koller, President & CEO, The Howard-Sloan-Koller Group [we almost “dated” him, in the business sense, but didn’t]
Peter Kreisky, Chairman, Kreisky Media Consultancy [he’s doing a lot of cool stuff with Yahoo! Among others]
Bill Kupper, President, BusinessWeek [Jon Fine’s boss’s boss]

Randall Lane, Editor-in-Chief & President, Trader Monthly Magazine [He’s a delight to ride a transfer bus with] Sally Lee, Editor-in-Chief, Parents
Steve LeGrice, Editor-in-Chief, Inside TV [we sat near him at a dinner]
Cindi Leive, Editor-in-Chief, Glamour [we love her; we go way back]
Mike Levy, Publisher, Texas Monthly
Ed Lewis, Chairman & Founder, Essence Communications Inc.
Nina Link, President, Magazine Publishers of America [she’s got a lot on her plate]
Joanne Lipman, Editor-in-Chief, Cond&#233 Nast Publications [she’s got a lot on her plate, too]
Chris Llewellyn, Managing Director, Emap International [we like him; he’s left-handed]
Don Logan, Chairman, Media & Communications Group, Time Warner
George Lois [LOVE him. Best speech of the conference. Very inspiring]
Susan Lyne, President/CEO, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia [she looks a LOT like Martha. It must be true how we hire people who are just like us. Jesse of Gawker, chew on that one…]

Michael Magnuson, Director, Discover Media
Susan Magrino, CEO, Susan Magrino Agency [we went to school with her sister, but it didn’t help our career a bit]
Jill Manee, VP/Publisher, The Ad Age Group [we almost sat at the table with her; but it was an Ad Age table…]
Leecia Manning, Membership Director, Magazine Publishers of America
Kerri Martin, Director, Brand Innovation, Volkswagen of America, Inc. [she’s a pistol, smart, sassy and cute; also, she helped launch the Mini in America, a car we would like to one day own]
Nick Matarazzo, EVP, Hachette Filipacchi
Bob Mate, SVP, Meredith Corporation
Charles McCurdy, Chairman, Beckett Publications [we like him SO much we just hired his son, Max!!!]
Julie McGowan, Senior Vice President/Publisher, Food & Wine [love her mag and her taste in Pucci]
Cynthia McKean, Principal, PARS International Corporation [she has always made us feel welcome at these great big AMC events, even when we knew nobody]
Fleming Meeks, Executive Editor, SmartMoney
Elmer Meider, President, Highlights for Children Inc. [Elmer is an interesting name]
Lauren Melone, VP, Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
Jon Miller, Executive VP/ Group Publisher, The Taunton Press
Terence Monmaney, Executive Editor, Smithsonian Magazine
Ralph Monti, President, Special Interest Media, Inc.
Ann Moore, Chairman & CEO, Time Inc. [we would like to have lunch with her some day soon!]
Brian Moran, Managing Editor, Sync Magazine
Adam Moss, Editor in Chief, New York Magazine [his presentation on the Service Content in NY mag was terrific. Nice work, Adam!]
Carl Mullins, General Manager, Morris National Magazines
Jack Myers, Publisher/Editor, Jack Myers Report [we love Jack. Jack is our partner now on a job board. He also runs]
Roberta Myers, Editor-in-Chief, ELLE [we love Robbie, too. We go way back to her days at Seventeen mag]

Chris Napolitano, Editorial Director, Playboy [he’s adorable and smart enough to keep his head down where appropriate]
Suzanne Napper, Business Director, The Wilson Quarterly
Eileen Naughton, President, TIME [she recognizes us at events and even nods, but we don’t feel comfortable enough yet to ask her to lunch]
Jim Nelson, Editor-in-Chief, GQ [heard great things about him]
Nancy Novogrod, Editor-in-Chief, Travel + Leisure [we go way back]

Andrew Ormson, General Manager, FHM
Bill Ostroff, President of Rodale Interactive & CMO, Rodale Inc.

Steve Palm, VP/Group Publisher, Scholastic, Inc.
Guillermo Perez-Vargas, Director Adjunto, Impresiones Aereas SA de CV
Maurie Perl, SVP, Chief Communications Officer, Cond&#233 Nast [she’s very nice and approachable]
Scott Peters, Managing Director, The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. [he’s warmed up to us]
Reed Phillips, Partner, DeSilva & Phillips [he’s on our board of directors]
Beatriz Pizano De Narv&#225ez, Editorial Televisa Colombia S.A.
Carol Plum, Editorial Projects Manager, Cond&#233 Nast Publications Inc. [she’s a doll and friendly]
Jason Pontin, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Technology Review
Bill Powers, Columnist, National Journal/Atlantic Media
Nick Purdy, President & Publisher, Paste Magazine

Betty Quadracci, Publisher/ President, Milwaukee Magazine

Tim Rahr, Executive VP/CFO, The Taunton Press
Chander Rai, CEO International, The India Today Group
Geoff Reiss, SVP/General Manager, ESPN The Magazine
Trish Reynales, Editor-in-Chief, Virtuoso Travel + Life
Raymond Roker, Publisher/Creative Director, URB and President, NativeSon Media, Inc. [he’s sweet as mom’s Jamaican-Jewish pie. He’ll get the joke.]
Sue Roman, President/Editor-in-Chief, The Taunton Press
Tony Romando, Editor-in-Chief, Sync Magazine
Tom Ryder, Chairman & CEO, The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. [Tom, we hope your eye is better and that you are able to read this and chuckle just a bit. Tom is a chef. Who would have known!]

Diane Salvatore, Editor-in-Chief, Ladies’ Home Journal
Alvaro Saralegui, Vice Chairman, Latina Media Ventures [he’s cool and has many interests. In fact, he wrote a book.]
John Sateja, VP, Publishing, Consumer Reports
Eric Schrier, Editor-in-Chief, Reader’s Digest
Drew Schutte, Vice President and Publisher, Wired
Kit Seelye, Reporter, The New York Times [she’s fun; but needs to write more about Internet media strategy]
Jack Shafer, Editor at Large, Slate [we had drinks with him. He’s VERY sharp.]
Rishi Shah, Publisher & CEO, Soul City Publications
Robin Shallow, Vice President, Rodale Inc.
Debra Shriver, V.P. & Chief Communications Officer, Hearst [she’s tough, we hear. Have you ever heard of “Deb Jail”? Many reporters have gone there for going around her]
Noelle Skodzinski, editor-in-chief, North American Publishing Co.
George Slowik, SVP, Publishing Director-Consumer Magazines, Dowden Health Media, Inc.
Nancy Small, Chief Executive Officer, Eating Well, Inc.
Evan Smith, Editor & Executive Vice President, Texas Monthly [Love Evan. He’s handsome as well as a talented programmer of panels. Nice work!]
Rick Smith, CEO and Chairman, Newsweek
Stephanie Smith, Senior Reporter, Mediaweek
Nancy Soriano, Editor-in-Chief, Country Living
Jim Spanfeller, President & CEO, [he’s doing VERY interesting things on the web. You all should check out his site.]
Mark Spellun, Editor in Chief & Publisher, Plenty
Lauren Stanich, President of Publishing, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Jerry Steinbrink, Sr. Director & General Manager, New Media, Consumer Reports
David Steward, Chairman and CEO, F & W Publications, Inc. [smart guy. He “gets” the enthusiast audience. Check out his gun and blade mag collection.]
Martha Stewart, Founding Editorial Director, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia [she has no idea we exist. But, one day, we would love to take her to lunch]
Cyndi Stivers, Executive Vice President, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia [she’s on our board of directors]
John Fox Sullivan, President & Group Publisher, The Atlantic Monthly/National Journal Group [he’s FANTASTIC. Warm, delightful, smart and funny]

Patrick Taylor, Executive Director, Publishing Group Communications, Meredith Corporation
Gretchen Teichgraeber, President & CEO, Scientific American, Inc. [we met her a few AMC’s ago]
Evan Thomas, Assistant Managing Editor, Newsweek
Alison Tocci, President/Group Publisher, Time Out New York [she’s got a gigantic job, but a fun job]

Susan Ungaro, Publishing Consultant [delightful, wonderful Susan]

Mimi Valdes, Editor-in-Chief, Vibe
Kristin van Ogtrop, Managing Editor, Real Simple [Love your mag, Kristin. Keep doing what you do!]
Gregory VandenBosch, Director, Discover Media
Michelle Villalobos, Executive Publisher, Ocean Drive en Espanol
Debbie Vodenos, Publisher, Media Industry Newsletter

Martin S. Walker, Chairman, Walker Communications
Ian Watson, Director of Strategy & Business Development, Magazines, BBC Worldwide Ltd.
Dan Weber, VP Sales, Publishers Press, Inc.
Bryan Welch, Publisher & General Manager, Ogden Publications, Inc.
Don Welsh, Chairman, Budget Living LLC
LaShell West, Database Assistant, Magazine Publishers of America
Mark Whitaker, Editor, Newsweek [why so serious always, Mark? He’s very tall and intense, but also approachable]
Carolyn White, Associate Editor, National Geographic
Hugh White, Managing Director, MARS
John Wickersham, Senior Advisor, DeSilva & Phillips
David Willey, Editor-in-Chief/ Vice President, Runner’s World [he’s fast in the mile]

Gregg Zegras, SVP & General Manager, iVillage Parenting Network
Ali Zelenko, Director of Communications, Time Inc. [she’s beautiful inside and out]
David Zinczenko, Editor-in-Chief, Men’s Health [yes, he takes personal risks on stage with Jon Stewart. But, at least he’s putting himself out there.]