LulzSec Hacks CIA for Giggles

Hackers just want to have fun

Lulzsec is at it again. The hacker group infiltrated the CIA’s website last night. The high profile hijinks should be alarming for those charged with securing the site, however Lulzsec means no harm, they’re just doing it for a good laugh. At your expense.

Increasingly LulzSec is hacking with flare. Last night the group overloaded the CIA’s site with requests for access, causing it to jam. The group, also known as the Lulz Boat, then posted to its Twitter account, "Tango down — — for the lulz." The attack, like previous assaults on Sony, PBS, and the U.S. Senate, was largely aimed at exposing the CIA’s vulnerabilities more than anything else. Lulzsec found a target for which it had some modicum of disdain and went to town.

LulzSec’s mischievous prank on the CIA came to an end when administrators got the site back up and running about two hours after it had been disabled. The government agency may be safe for now, but the fun-loving hackers will no doubt be at it again sooner rather than later. Earlier this week, the group advertised a hotline for supporters to call and suggest the next target.