Lulu Opens Up to Developers

Lulu, the open publishing platform, announced today that it has opened its platform to developers. Using this new functionality, developers and other kinds of companies can hook into Lulu’s publishing engine and create their own publications, under their own name.

Here are a couple of examples Lulu cites in a press release for what developers and other companies could do with access to Lulu’s API: “Using the API, a software company, for example, could instantly publish hundreds of manuals and gain worldwide distribution. Or a publisher could build and host a branded application letting independent authors publish and distribute under a new imprint.”

Self-publishing–or that’s not really the right term for what Lulu can offer; it’s really publishing that takes advantage of someone else’s production, distribution, or marketing machinery–is not just memoirs by crazies anymore. It’s a legitimate way to publish stuff…so if you want to start a small press, Lulu’s just made it even easier. Or you could finally publish those “hundreds of manuals” you’ve been sitting on.