Luke Thompson Puts Up His Dukes in OC Weekly


Luke Thompson, late of LA and now at the O.C. Weekly, might have found his natural metier. He learns self-defense from an anti-immigrant group in Garden Grove, and while not a true believer, Thompson is a good sport. He writes:

At this point, it seems fair to wonder, given that the Minutemen are primarily obsessed with the border, why one would need pepper spray to fend off dehydrated Mexicans crawling through the final stretch of a desert crossing? Before the question can be asked, however, Hardine makes it clear that the main focus of the class is protecting oneself at protest rallies. What do you do if a disgruntled local throws a frozen soda can at your head or tries to snatch your “Tancredo for president” sign? We’re about to find out.

FBLA thinks the OC Weekly should just turn Thompson loose to join another Southern California subculture every week.

Also in the paper, Gustavo Arellano has a wonderful piece on 40’s major leaguer, Jesse Fores, the pride of La Habra.