Luke Russert: ‘Underqualified Dip’ or ‘Nervy’?

Like many outlets, Politico wrote up the age dust-up between NBC’s Luke Russert and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi from a Wednesday morning press briefing. Luke wondered if the 70 plussers in the Democratic leadership are holding back a more youthful party. Nancy, none too pleased, attempted to scold him like a child. In the end, she entertained his question.

But it’s those candid commenters who are intriguing. They have much advice for young Luke and a lot to say about his late father, Tim Russert. Here’s a sampling. We’ve bolded the best parts.

Against him…

Ginny: “Here’s hoping Luke’s mom has a chat w/him.”

Mary: “Russert would have gotten a pass if he asked the same question to old farts like Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid, but he has never done so, and has had plenty of opportunities. He only asked that question to Nancy Pelosi so it does look like a double standard.”

Neil: “Luke Russert is a tremendous hack. Its such a shame the media gave him a free pass because they loved his dad so much. I don’t rag on reporters or public personalities very much, but when it comes to Russert, it just reeks of a ridiculously underqualified dip getting a HUGE leg up simply because of his father’s legacy.”

Doug: “To be blunt, Luke Russert is the poster boy of what’s wrong with media nepotism. He continues to be as clueless and superficial in his analysis as when he first got his job — out of the blue and with no qualifications whatsoever — just after his father died. NBC should be ashamed.”

Wendy: “Luke Russert got his ass handed back to him. Any more questions, punk?”

For him…Readers also defending Luke, saying he had every right to pose the question.

Terry: “As a lifelong Democrat, I feel Luke Russert has a legitimate point. And I also feel that Pelosi is largely an image drag on the party and has little to show for her time spent there, other than to be a lightning rod for many of the party’s ills. There is nothing honorable about entrenched entitlement and by being so protective and ‘offended’ by the discussion of age and tenure, the Democratic party once again runs the risk of a hard beating and reality check down the road when their smug complacency came back to bite them. Just saying.”

Chance: “There are not enough reporters asking tough or offensive questions anymore. I don’t care if you don’t like the question! Reporters should be asking tough, offensive and even stupid questions so maybe we can get some information out of elite politicians who are very good at spinning every issue to their benefit. These people are elected to represent us, if they can not handle questions than they should find something else to do…”

Isaiah: “I think Luke Russert’s question was very fair. In fact, it was the elephant in the room. The House Democrats are not prepping for the next generation of leadership. If the 70 year olds want to cling to power, that’s fine. But can’t we carve out at least one spot for a younger, fresh perspective?”

Timothy: “Good for you Luke! Somewhere your dad is looking down with a proud smile. Afflict the comfortable, comfort the afflicted. Nancy can handle a little heat. Her reaction just shows you struck a nerve and that’s a good thing. It was a completely legit question and of course, staffers and other Hill folks are talking about it.”

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