Luke Russert Tweets Body Stats

The average shoe size for men is a 10.5, according to the National Shoe Retailers Association. And the average height for men is 5’9″, according to the CDC’s website. NBC’s Luke Russert, standing at 6’2″ and with a size 13 shoe, is an outlier on both accounts. We know this because on Wednesday he tweeted his measurements to a complete stranger with the Twitter handle @AmyIrenie.

Irenie initially sent Russert a tweet asking for his height and shoe size. “[I]’m doing stats homework & need to poll people,” she wrote. Russert, ever the Samaritan, promptly tweeted back from his iPad.

It’s not like it was his weight or blood type, but still weird. Who so readily reveals to the public (Russert has almost 82,000 followers) these details without a little hesitation?

For Russert’s own benefit, we checked with Irenie to find out more on her “stats homework.”

In an email to FBDC, she told us she’s a Pre-Law/Criminal Justice major at Ohio University. She described a statistics course she’s taking as “intense” after only having been in it for one week and said that her class received an assignment in which she has to collect this type of date from 12 men and 12 women.

“I had Twitter pulled up and I sent the tweet out that I needed help with my stats project,” she told us. “I follow Luke Russert, and he was at the top of my feed, so I thought, ‘I know he’s tall and why not?!’ Once he answered and then retweeted me, I had the 24 people I needed in about 45 seconds.”

That sounds harmless enough and like a true success story thanks to social media.

But back to Russert’s enormous feet. We wanted to know a few things about them, particularly if he ever has that problem where he finds a shoe that looks good in smaller sizes, but not quite right in a size 13. He hasn’t returned our emails.