Luke Russert Declares Himself a ‘Dunkin’ Guy’

Like many reporters not typically assigned to cover the hurricane beat, NBC’s Congressional Reporter Luke Russert was dispatched to cover Hurricane Irene over the weekend.

Dressed in a baseball cap and yellow slicker uniform one day and a charcoal gray raincoat the next, Luke seemed to handle his temporary new beat with ease. And incredible dedication. After MSNBC reported that thousands of D.C. residents were without power,  Luke said, “I haven’t even been back to my apartment to check.”

MSNBC anchor Alex Witt bantered with him, saying she’d even take his Starbucks coffee. This was the moment of a big revelation. Luke didn’t have Starbucks. “I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts guy,” he said.

Did Luke miss the memo that MSNBC has a special relationship with Starbucks? No matter the strong connection, he didn’t sound like he was budging one inch on the his coffee preference. Later on, another would-be male hurricane weatherman engaged in Starbucks ass kissing by declaring to Alex that he was a Starbucks man.

No direct reference to Luke, but the distinction was evident.

Luke isn’t the first NBCer to denounce Starbucks. Chuck Todd also ripped the company one day after a wrenching experience in a painfully slow airport Starbucks.


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