How Can I Make It All About Me?

The Academy Awards last night served as the perfect occasion for NBC congressional correspondent Luke Russert to have his own red carpet moment.

“What I’m wearing? St. John’s Bay and hat from The Chicken Box,” he tweeted. Attached was a photo of Russert beaming in a red cap, plaid button-down shirt and a black v-neck T-shirt, just right for exposing an ideal amount of chest hair.

The Chicken Box is a bar in Nantucket, Mass., that features live music.

It wasn’t the only fashion point for Russert this weekend… On Saturday, it was reported in the Boston Globe that he was left with no choice but to attend a winter ball wearing an angelically white suit.

On his way to the annual event, a benefit for Children’s Hospital Boston, Russert reportedly left a pre-selected suit in a cab by accident. He ran to the nearest clothing store and purchased the one suit in stock that fit his large frame. It just so happened to be white and virginal.

From the picture, it appears Russert attended the ball with Tori Lewis of Washington, D.C.