Live Action Short Winner Gets Star Treatment Back Home

The 83rd annual Academy Awards may have blown harder than the Santa Ana’s, but that golden statuette still holds a powerful glow when removed from the stench of a James Franco let down by Bruce Vilanch.

In a great little piece in Delaware’s Dover Post, we learn that Live Action Short winner Luke Matheny (God of Love, pictured) was treated like royalty when he returned on March 14th to his Alma Mater Concord High School. There to welcome him were teachers, neighbors, students, journalists, a 10-foot replica of the Oscar, and… state Governor Jack Markell.

In honor of his hometown pride and willingness to give Delaware a “shout-out,” during his acceptance speech at the Oscars and in God of Love, Markell named Matheny “Delaware’s Ambassador to Hollywood.”

During a Q&A that followed the high school screening of his short, Matheny revealed that he and his girlfriend-collaborator Sascha Gordon are planning on moving from Brooklyn to LA, and that his next (full-length) project will be called Ron Quixote. Love the title.

[Photo credit: Andre Lamar]

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.