Luke Hayman Leads Redesign of Consumer Reports


Luke Hayman has continued his streak of making magazines look better, and this time around, it’s sure to make this writer’s father very happy. Hayman just finished up working on a redesign for Consumer Reports, the new look being launched yesterday. This one was a different sort of magazine project for the Pentagram partner, given that it is a publication that is largely all about infographics, instead of traditional magazine layouts. Pentagram’s blog has the whole story on the redesign from top to bottom, but here’s a little bit about how Hayman figured out how to tweak all that data, just so:

One of the most basic, and subtle, changes has been to the information charts in the product testing sections. Products are more clearly separated and rated by type, and designations have been simplified. The “Quick Pick” label has been eliminated and incorporated into the product overviews; “Best Buys” have been streamlined to a simple checkmark. The typeface Amplitude has been used for its greater legibility at a narrow, small size (thanks to better inktraps) that allow more information to be condensed into the charts.

Elsewhere in the Pentagram world, the plans the firm cooked up with At Large for the new Darwin Center in London’s Natural History Museum have been unveiled.