Luggage Company, Away, Reimagines the Miserable Airport Experience With a Fun Pop-Up

It runs through Aug. 5 in NY

Video: Josh Rios/Nick Gardner; Editor: John Tejada
Headshot of Ann-Marie Alcántara

A few weeks after Away, a luggage and travel company, raised a $50 million round of funding, the company opened up a pop-up shop in New York.

Adweek visited the pop-up shop, dubbed “Terminal A,” which is open from July 27 through Aug. 5. Customers enter the space located in SoHo, receive their “passport,” which is actually an order form for Away’s various products, and pick out what they want. They can customize their products even further with hand-painted monograming.

“While many people associate a lot of misery and boredom with the typical airport, we’ve built out the space to give people a really fun experience and to give them additional context to experience our products and the travel uniform in,” said Jen Rubio, co-founder and chief brand officer of Away.

Customers can also shop at “Houston News,” the company’s take on the Hudson News stores in airports across the U.S. In addition to selling the suitcases, travel bags and Dopp kits the company’s known for, customers can also buy other Away-branded items like a neck pillow for $22 or exclusive pins for $12. The first 100 people who visited the space received limited edition Away Minis, a customer favorite item that’s a tiny version of an Away suitcase and not sold regularly.

Visitors can check out “Terminal A” at 107 Grand Street from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

@itstheannmarie Ann-Marie Alcántara is a tech reporter for Adweek, focusing on direct-to-consumer brands and ecommerce.