Ludia Launches Family Feud & Friends 2 on Facebook

Family Feud 2 on Facebook 650

Ludia and FremantleMedia North America have announced the launch of Family Feud & Friends 2 on Facebook and mobile devices. The sequel to the original Family Feud & Friends offers an updated take on the classic television game show, including a new tournament mode and an enhanced predictive text input and spell checker to make entering answers easier and faster than before.

FD21EYNfb68G1Nm7W0Xx6L16BmTl-U79sXiYBCGGlXsIn each asynchronous game of Family Feud & Friends 2, players have the option of directly challenging someone on their Facebook friends list, or someone from the overall game community. In each of the game’s three rounds, players type answers to (all-new) survey questions, based on what they think a group of survey-takers would have said.

If gamers earn more points than their opponent, they’ll go to the Fast Money round, answering five questions with the goal of getting as close to 200 points as possible. After finishing their own Fast Money round, users can share a request on their Facebook profile for their friends to come help them reach the top prize.

At the end of each game, players receive experience points and will eventually unlock the game’s tournament mode. Here, gamers play with seven others, with four players each on two “family” teams. Each three-round tournament sees the lowest scoring member from each family eliminated after each round. The player that wins fast money here receives a virtual trophy and a pile of coins.

While free-to-play, gameplay sessions are limited via that coins system, with coins being spent to access games and tournaments, as well as to purchase answers while playing or additional time for the answer clock. These coins recharge automatically over time, or can be purchased with real money.

“Following the huge success of Family Feud & Friends, whose fan base is now over 33 million players, we are excited to bring gamers a sequel that is loaded with exciting new features,” said Alex Thabet, president and CEO of Ludia.

Family Feud & Friends 2 is available to play for free on Facebook, and is also available to download on iOS and Google Play and the Amazon App Store. The game offers cross-platform play across multiple devices.