Ludei expands HTML5 platform offering to all web apps, brings cloud compiler into open beta

HTML5 platform provider Ludei is expanding its services to include both web app and game development tools. As part of that move, starting today the company’s new HTML5-based cloud compiler is available via a free, open public beta.

The Ludei Cloud Compiler allows developers to build games and web apps as HTML5-based projects and then turn them into native apps that can be easily distributed to the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Ludei reports more than a dozen apps have already been created using the compiler.

The tool is the first in what the company promises will be a new series of cloud service tools designed specifically for HTML5-based games and web apps. Ludei plans to roll out several more HTML5 platform tools between now and the end of the year.

Formed in 2008, Ludei got its start as an HTML5 game developer, releasing titles like iBasket, Slide Soccer and Sumon. Recently however, the company has changed its focus, and is now concentrating on providing HTML5 development tools and platform services.  In July Ludei released an open-source HTML5 game engine called the CAAT that allows developers to use pre-designed pieces of code in order to speed the development process. Those interested in the Ludei Cloud Compiler can learn more by visiting the company’s website.